Learn What a Sales Cycle is and Why Yours Matters.

The sales cycle typically means the number of days taken to convert your pipeline opportunities into winning deals. To shorten the sales cycle, reps need complete visibility into each stage of the pipeline and the pending ones waiting to be converted. The managers require drill-down statistics on employee performance, account, and opportunities into order to work out the best possible solution.
This is where InsightSquared can help. InsightSquared is the No.1 Salesforce analytics app custom-built to power your sales cycle. Our game changing analytics can be used to manage the sales cycle efficiently. Our key deliverables include:

  • Accurate sales forecasting
  • Pipeline management and trend analysis
  • Sales retrospectives
  • Assessment of KPIs

Using a data-driven methodology, your teams can work out win rates, opportunity value, conversion rates over time, and create success stories. By sending accurate and timely reports, we ensure you understand how your pipeline value is changing over the entire sales cycle. Get our free eBook on sales cycle and pipeline management.