Master Sales Pipeline Management with InsightSquared

The sales pipeline is the most efficient way of managing and streamlining the sales process. It represents all the current sales opportunities pursued by the sales team. The sales pipeline gathers inputs from varied sources, such as, marketing, channel partners, external referrals, and outbound sales.
The sales pipeline is divided into various stages; each stage consists of a group of actions that need to be taken for converting prospects into sales-ready leads. Therefore, it is the best indicator of your sales team’s health. Data-driven sales pipeline management and analysis enables managers to track and manage opportunities systematically.
If you are looking to build and manage your sales pipeline, InsightSquared’s robust business intelligence and analytic sales pipeline tool can help integrate and get the most out of your pipeline data. You can:

  • Build a pipeline history to track all the opportunities your sales force is working on
  • Study the pipeline history to analyze winning opportunities
  • Stay organized and keep sales figures in your control

InsightSquared’s turn-key business analytics unlocks the real answers that enterprise organizations spend millions for – at the fraction of the cost and ready in a day! To increase the quality of your sales pipeline data and improve your lead-conversion ratio, request a demo today.