Managing Sales Teams the Data-Driven Way

Sales people work in a highly challenging environment that is open to rejections and frustration. Managing sales teams involves much more than the allocation of work; sales managers need to constantly monitor the team performance and motivate sales people with rewards and recognitions. The right sales analytics tools help managers stay on top of their team’s data, and make informed decisions. That’s why InsightSquared is the top Salesforce Analytics tool for data-driven sales managers.
InsightSquared can help sales managers in managing sales teams through:

  • Data-Driven Sales Coaching – Employee Scorecards provide updated, informative and drillable data for employee evaluation, so you can be prepared for data-driven one-on-ones
  • Activity Monitoring Dashboard – Compare Rep-specific activities against goals, incentivize efficient sales practices, and promote friendly competition

Armed with sales analytics, sales managers can build a cohesive sales team that is motivated and ready for new challenges. Check out our free eBook on managing your sales team with the data-driven metrics approach.