Accurate Win Loss Analysis with InsightSquared

Analyzing win and loss in the sales cycle helps managers to understand what happens to opportunities at each stage of the pipeline. It helps them to know why opportunities spend a longer time in a specific stage and ascertain how to overcome those challenges.
By measuring your win loss cycle, you can gain a better understanding, and clearer insight into every single element of sales, including rep performance, time frame lost/gained, etc. To make your win loss analysis simple and hassle-free, partner with InsightSquared.
InsightSquared offers top Salesforce analytics that is derived from collating and linking data from multiple sources.Our deep insight into key metrics helps you drive proactive business decisions, and coach reps using “by employee” pivots.You can also view win loss rates by employees, forecasted bookings, historic averages, history of pipeline flows, etc.
To understand how to use InsightSquared to see who is winning deals more efficiently, contact Sales to schedule a demo.