Getting started with your free trial of InsightSquared for

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Part 1// Login Info

InsightSquared works with all editions besides for Contact Manager. We work with Group, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited.
To get started, we’ll need a login with admin privileges.
We strongly recommend creating or using a admin account that’s only used to give access to 3rd party tools such as InsightSquared. typically requires “real” users in your organization to change their password regularly, which would cut off InsightSquared’s access to your data, or of course that person could leave your organization.  For the same reason, it’s best for the account to have the “Password never expires” permission.
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Part 2//The Security Token

We’ll also need your Salesforce security token to enable access through the Salesforce API. There are a few different ways you can do this.

Option A   Reset your security token
In Salesforce, click Your Name » Setup » My Personal Information » Reset Security Token, then click the Reset Security Token button. The new security token will then be emailed to the email address on your Salesforce user record.    NOTE This process may break Salesforce integrations with other 3rd parties (such as HubSpot) that you may have previously established.
Option B   Contact your Salesforce administrator
Your Salesforce administrator can access your token and send it to you.
Option C   Reference your original email from Salesforce
When the token was first generated by Salesforce, you should have received an email with it included.

That’s it! This should give us everything we need to get you started! An InsightSquared sales rep will follow up with you shortly to kick off your trial in a few days.