[one_half] Effectively tracking sales analytics allows companies to source data in the search for meaningful patterns that can drive their decisions for the future. This information should then be used to produce a clear sales analysis report that will help drive improvements among the sales team. By sharing key sales information within the sales analysis report, managers can help pinpoint which of their reps are performing well compared to which ones are underperforming, where opportunities are being lost within the sales pipeline and any other number of important decision drivers. Here are some key sales metrics to track within your sales analysis report.

  • Lead sources
    Leads can come from a wide variety of different sources, from organic searches to marketing efforts. Including this information in the sales analysis report will allow managers to determine the most promising opportunities. Bringing this information to sales reps could lead them to focus more of their sales efforts on this group of leads, producing a higher ROI for the sales team.
  • Forecast vs. actual results 
    An inaccurate sales forecast can actually be extremely detrimental to a company’s growth prospects. Sales managers depend on sales forecasts to chart their growth trajectory and properly allocate resources for maximum success. If the sales analysis report includes an overly-optimistic forecast or one that is too pessimistic, the inaccurate picture that is painted can lead to poor decision-making.
  • Sales broken down specifically by…
    Product type, demographics, geography or any number of other sales metrics. Irresponsible sales managers are more focused on simply accepting sales at face value instead of delving deeper to discover more about the opportunity. A short-sighted or complacent line of thinking that tells your sales reps you don’t care how or why the sales were successful, only that they were. Breaking down sales metrics by the aforementioned categories in your sales analysis report will produce a more careful study of your team’s sales processes. Do reps have more success selling to younger sales managers than they do older ones? Are opportunities in Texas closing faster than opportunities in New York? Answering these questions could portend greater sales in the future.

Producing a clear and in-depth sales analysis report will help managers make better data-driven decisions moving forward. Using InsightSquared, the best software available for producing a sales analysis report, managers will be able to determine what metrics are most important to them and effectively leverage this information for their company’s growth.

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