[one_half] Sales managers have always had their sales reps track their daily activities through the sales call report. However, with new automated sales softwares available, managers and reps should be using the time saved by not having to manually fill in the sales call report by using the report for more in-depth analysis to help them function more efficiently in their responsibilities. Here are some advanced analytics to look at in your sales call report.

  • Performance vs. activity goals
    The first item to track in your sales call report is simply how reps are doing in their daily activities, compared to goals set by you the sales manager, as well as their peers. Are reps making enough calls, emails and touches each day? Identifying specially which reps are hitting their goals and which ones are falling short will allow you as the manager to coach them better moving forward. [image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”31539″ align=”center” lightbox=”true” title=”Sales Coaching – Employee Activities” alt=”Sales Coaching – Employee Activities” width=”400″ height=”278″ autoHeight=”true”]
  • How long are your reps spending in each stage?
    Part of managing your reps is making sure they aren’t wasting their time on unlikely opportunities, especially in early stages of your pipeline. Careful monitoring of your sales call report will allow you to identify exactly which stage your opportunities are in, which reps are working on those prospects and how long they are spending with each opportunity in each particular stage.

The sales call report is a relic of the past that should be left there. InsightSquared’s sales analytics and sales reporting suite is customizable, intuitive and easy-to-use. Sales managers will have no problem hopping on, producing in-depth reports and immediately seeing dramatic improvements in the performances of their sales reps.

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