With so much on their plates, sales managers don’t have the time to sift through reams of historical sales data. Instead, they require a simplified way of analyzing and processing sales reports. Enter InsightSquared’s award-winning sales analytics and reporting software, complete with sales dashboards that are easily digestible and navigable. Using the software, sales managers will be able to log on and take one quick glance at their sales dashboards for an immediate picture into how their sales reps and overall company is performing. Here are some of the key features on InsightSquared’s sales dashboards:

    • Employee activities 
      No longer will sales managers be in the dark about how each of their individual sales reps are performing. The sales dashboards not only charts the activities of each individual employee but also ranks them by performance. This allows you to reward your best employees and learn from their successes while putting tangible pressure on your underperforming ones to step up their efforts. The employee activity portion can also be filtered for various timelines and compared to pre-established goals.
    • Company bookings 
      Of course, the sales dashboards should also be displaying the overall sales information for the company. The company bookings portion presents in a crystal-clear visual graph just how many bookings the company is making and how many deals they are closing this month or quarter. The widget also includes a comparison to last month or last quarter, letting sales managers stay on top of current performance compared to past performances.
    • Data Quality 

      Even the most data-driven and analytical companies will find their efforts to monitor and analyze data sabotaged if the data in question is of a low quality. One of the key features on InsightSquared’s sales dashboards is the company data quality score.  This feature takes into account all of the data within a company’s history and looks for red flags and likely errors, churning out a data quality score that lets sales managers know just how accurate the data they are working with is.

InsightSquared’s sales dashboards feature these widgets and a host of other metrics, encompassing almost any analytics that a sales manager would want to track and produce reports for.

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