You’ve decided to purchase sales pipeline management software to help you manage your pipeline – and your sales team – better. But what types of features do you want from your sales pipeline management software?

  • Visibility into your open sales pipeline. You need to know which opportunities your reps are working on, what stage each opportunity is in, how long that opportunity has been in that particular stage and how much the opportunity is worth.
  • Historical sales pipeline trends. You need to know how many opportunities were in your sales pipeline last May, last month and how your pipeline is growing (or shrinking) over time.
  • Sales pipeline-to-quota ratio. Based on your historical conversion rates at each stage, how much pipeline do you need to reach your quota this month?
[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”35931″ align=”center” width=”650″ height=”415″ quality=”100″] These are the most basic features that you should demand in your sales pipeline management software. Don’t settle for anything less.
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