[one_half] Producing and analyzing sales reports to gain better insight into a company’s sales processes and data is an essential role for any sales manager today. Unfortunately, the truth is that sales reporting can be a full time job unto itself, on top of a manager’s myriad other responsibilities. Delving into the sheer amount of data collected on CRMs such as Salesforce.com can be a time-consuming affair.
Using sales reporting software from InsightSquared can help save managers a great deal of time while still providing the trend information and analysis they need. The InsightSquared suite is user-friendly and provides a host of customizable features, allowing sales managers to focus on the sales metrics and reports they really need.

  • Opportunity Funnel
    Determine how well your team is converting at each stage of the sales funnel. Sales reporting software from InsightSquared can help diagnose just how effective your sales reps are performing at each stage of the sales cycle. If conversion rates are particularly low at certain stages, sales managers can more effectively delegate resources on an as-needed basis.
  • Pipeline trends
    With sales reporting software, sales managers no longer have to guess at how their company is performing – they can draw up crystal-clear snapshot-style reports and understand exactly which way their sales pipelines are trending.
  • Ask why – and get answers
    It’s not enough for a sales manager to be content with looking at win/loss rates. It’s essential that leaders ask why specific deals are being won or lost. Sales reporting software not only reports the successful and failed conversions, but also allows managers to look back throughout the entire lifecycle of the deal and delve into specifics of what worked – and what did not.

InsightSquared is the best sales reporting software available for Salesforce.com. Take advantage of the software’s customization capabilities to produce the best sales reports that benefit your team.

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[note][blockquote cite=”James Sampson, Director of Revenue and Sales Operations, DataXu”]InsightSquared’s robust business intelligence and analytic solution was easy to integrate and helps us get the most out of our data.[/blockquote][/note] [/one_half_last]