The importance of a prompt follow-up with a lead cannot be overstated.

A wealth of research has proven that in the world of B2B sales, the speed and promptness with which a sales rep follows up with someone who has raised their hand and indicated some level of interest in your product can make all the difference. According to, following up with web leads within 5 minutes will increase your likelihood of conversion to more than 9x. That’s a huge impact!

Yet, many sales reps – who are either too swamped or just simply too disorganized – fail to respond within a day or two, much less within 5 minutes. This is a wasted opportunity. There has to be a better system to alert and remind reps to follow up before it’s too late.

There can be! Your sales admin can help set up an email alert workflow rule within to let reps know when their lead follow up is past due.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to setting up an email alert for lead follow up in

      1. Go to the Create Workflow Rules section in your setup and click on “New Rule.”
      2. Select the Object for which this workflow rule will apply, in this case, Lead.
      3. On the next screen, enter a Rule Name, in this case, something like “Lead Follow-Up.” Under Evaluation Criteria, select “Evaluate the rule when a record is created, and any time it’s edited to subsequently meet criteria.”
      4. At the bottom of this screen is where you have to set up your Rule Criteria. First, where it says Run this rule if the following, select from the picklist “formula evaluates to be true.” Here is where you would add your rule.
      5. Now, the tricky part is that this section will be unique to how your instance has been set up. For the purposes of this example, we’ll use the way our internal instance here at InsightSquared looks like. What we want to set up here is an email alert to let reps know when leads who have submitted web free trial forms are still in queue, meaning they have not been assigned to a rep and have not been followed up on. In this scenario, our workflow rule criteria will look like this:
        AND( Submitted_Free_Trial_Form__c = TRUE,
        ISPICKVAL(Sales_Status__c,”In Queue”))
      6. Again, it’s important to note that these rules might look a little different for you, depending on your own unique setup. Your might have different web forms for leads, different sales statuses, etc.
      7. On the next screen, it’s time to set up your Time-Dependent Workflow Actions, i.e. the email alerts for when web leads are still In Queue. Click on Add Time Trigger.
      8. Set up your Workflow Time Trigger on the next screen. In this case, we’re setting it up for “24 Hours After the Rule Trigger Date.” This means that if a web lead is still In Queue after 24 hours of entering the queue, reps will receive an email alert. Hit Save.
      9. Now that you’ve set up your Time Trigger, you’ll be prompted to add your workflow action. Click on Add Workflow Action and select “New Email Alert.” You can then set up your email parameters – what email template you’ll be using, which reps you want this email alert to go to, etc.

And there you have it! Now, your reps will all be notified with an email any time you have web leads who have submitted Free Trial forms, but haven’t been followed up with in over 24 hours since submitting. As an alternative to creating this time-dependent workflow rule, you could also create an Exception Report of “Ignored” leads, scheduling it to run daily and email it to all your Salesforce users.

It is absolutely vital that you don’t let any of your leads slip through the cracks, especially valuable leads who submit web forms, such as Free Trial forms. Keeping track of the follow-up and activity on leads is difficult – which is one reason why InsightSquared created our Lead Aging report.

Having email alerts set up will also help. With these rules and reports, you can rest assured that your leads are always being promptly followed up with.

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