The ROI of InsightSquared

We analyzed nearly 200 customers to help you anticipate the year-one growth, efficiency and retention results you can expect from InsightSquared.

Monthly Bookings
Dollar value of all deals in a monthly period
Sales Cycle
Number of days from when an opportunity is opened to when it’s closed
Win Rate
Percentage of opportunities converted into deals
Customer Lifetime
Average length of customer subscription (estimated based on monthly churn rate)
Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)
Average monthly revenue
Average Sales Price (ASP)
Average dollar value of annual contract
Revenue Churn
Average % of revenue lost to cancelled subscriptions in a month

To illustrate the impact decision-quality data can have on your company, we analyzed the change in key business metrics realized by nearly 200 InsightSquared customers, across 50 different industries, and ranging in company size from just 30 employees to over 1,000-person enterprises. We compared revenue growth, sales efficiency and customer retention performance in the year prior to implementing InsightSquared to results in the first year following deployment.

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