Sales Performance Analytics

Board-Level Metrics, Minus the Board Prep Panic

Track and report on your SaaS metrics in one unified system.

Track MRR & ARR inflow/outflow

Tracking recurring revenue is never as simple as that guru’s blog post makes it sound. One-time fees, services revenue, discounting, changing product lines and pricing options … managing a SaaS business’ recurring revenue can quickly overmatch even the most sophisticated spreadsheet.

MRR Inflow / Outflow

Whether you report to an executive team or a Board of Directors, MRR gains and losses is a fundamental report. It needs to be updated so frequently that sales ops professionals can spend much of their day in spreadsheets — for this one metric.

Quick Ratio

Investors clamor for a “quick ratio” slide — MRR adds (new business plus upsells) divided by losses (churn plus downgrades) to produce a straightforward metric on growth health.

Billing Connectors

InsightSquared Connectors to platforms including Recurly, Stripe, NetSuite, and more make it easy to track actual dollars billed and review your accounts receivable.

Account Matrix

If you have questions about why your churn looks the way it does, next-order analysis is available on our detailed Account Matrix screen. See billing information by period for every account.

The number one thing that brought us to InsightSquared was the out of the box SaaS revenue reporting. There is no great way to do that in Salesforce.

Becka Dente, Director of Cloud Technology, Conga

MRR Growth

Track MRR growth versus goal with percentage and other stats easily accessible. 

Quick Ratio

How is each employee coming in this month? Review deals by pipeline stage for each rep to understand what’s really coming in this month and what’s pushing.

Detailed churn analysis

There are many ways to dissect your churn rate. Our reporting can help you find the patterns in logo and revenue losses to help you retain more business in the future.

Value Ranges

By enabling you to review churn by account stage, InsightSquared helps you uncover hidden patterns in your data, such as differences between customer cohorts.


Besides opportunity value, you can also filter data by the other fields in your CRM — without having to build a new spreadsheet every time you want to ask your data a different question.

Churn Analysis
Retention Heatmap

LTV, retention and renewals

SaaS businesses focus heavily on unpacking churn, but understanding retention is equally important. InsightSquared makes it easy to compare and contrast lost and retained business, allowing you better control over future growth.

Upcoming Renewals

Growing teams are sometimes surprised when anticipated renewals don’t materialize. Each of your upcoming renewals are included in an InsightSquared report, helping you monitor the value of open renewals and allocate resources accordingly.

Historical Renewal Rate

Our Renewal Rate report saves you from creating another hard-to-visualize slide for each QBR or board meeting, allowing you to get back to renewing contracts instead of managing spreadsheets.

Renewal Rate

Managing discretionary churn is a core function of any customer success group. Track your renewal rate by count and value for all of your open contracts.

LTV Tracking

Before any emerging company can scale, it first needs to understand customer lifetime value. LTV is a foundational metric for every SaaS business.

LTV Tracking

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