Sales Forecasting

Deliver accurate forecasts in a fraction of the time.
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Show leadership a clear picture of predictable future performance.

InsightSquared handles the complexities so you can make decisions with confidence.

Forecasting doesn’t need to be daunting.

When you need precision in your forecast, most CRMs are too limited to trust – but forecasting in spreadsheets leaves dangerous room for error.

Worse, dirty data damages the integrity of your forecast, all the way from the rep level to the top.

InsightSquared’s sales intelligence software uses your entire sales history and displays multiple forecast models in intuitive visualizations.

Compare and contrast these models to zero-in on the most accurate forecast and reach consensus with confidence in the data.

The Manual Forecast report lets you enter callouts and overrides to track forecast accuracy over time.

Finally – a way to eliminate the guesswork and bring sales intelligence into your forecasting process.

Forecast Summary

Become a better forecaster without spending extra hours.

Forecasting accuracy is a science you can master, not a dark art. The Forecast Summary report is your roadmap to a reliable forecast.

See how your weighted pipeline, manual forecast, and historical trends stack up with likely ranges of outcome for each.

Contrasting models is substantially more accurate than using any single method, so you can be sure you’re delivering solid, data-driven projections.

It’s all compiled for you automatically in beautiful visuals so that you can jump straight into analysis.

Use the Forecast Summary report to spot issues like missing or outdated data and fill the gaps to improve accuracy across the board.


Manual Forecast

Drive accountability and improve rep forecasting accuracy.

Instead of forecasting in spreadsheets, capture your callouts and overrides in InsightSquared to easily track accuracy.

Manual forecasts show how closely a rep’s callouts align with their final bookings, with trending comparisons.

Use these reports to hold reps and teams accountable, while visualizing their progress and improving their accuracy over time.

You can also slice your forecast to enter callouts for multiple regions, lines of business, products, or any other way you segment your business.

Predictive Forecast

Make predictive sales forecasts more precise.

Don’t rely on gut instinct or make decisions with dirty data.

InsightSquared’s predictive models consider several factors – from historical patterns and current sales pipeline to average deal size, past rep performance, and time-in-stage.

There’s no manual number crunching required, so you can focus on delivering revenue insights that will improve sales productivity and inform executive decisions.

Forecast Analytics
Forecast Analytics

Historical Trend Forecast

Unlock and analyze your entire sales history.

Pull historical sales data from as far back as you choose to make sales forecasting more trustworthy across any interval.

You can analyze historical trends in rep performance, opportunity type, deal stage, and more in minutes.

Short sales cycle? Historical data dramatically improves accuracy, even when new deals haven’t all been added yet.

Get granular and filter by roles, team hierarchy, or any other value to give leadership the real story behind past performance and improve your sales process.

We improved our sales forecast quality from around 30% to an almost constant 100% with InsightSquared.
We now know if someone is having difficulties in sales, which KPIs are fine and which are not. We can now forecast properly and know which channels work better. We have managed to understand business on a much more granular level.”
Thorben Grosser
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Deliver more accurate forecasts more quickly with InsightSquared’s sales intelligence.

Getting started is simple. Sync up your Salesforce data and experience how much better your forecasting can be.

Need More Forecasting?
Take your forecasts even further.

Our extensive library of pre-built sales reports answers the most common questions asked of every sales team. But what about questions that are specific to your business or your market?

For those, there’s Slate: a powerful report builder that answers any question by combining and visualizing data from any sources.