Pipeline Management

Stay on top of your pipeline without building a single report.
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Analyze your entire pipeline across any dimension over any time period with pre-built reports you can filter on the fly.

Understand how and why your pipeline is changing, avoid nasty surprises, and shape your strategy with reliable sales intelligence.

Get a clear picture of your pipeline and the story behind the numbers.

Go deeper than native CRM reporting, faster than spreadsheets, and escape the endless cycle of routine report building with InsightSquared’s sales intelligence software.

Review changes in deals across your entire pipeline history, analyze trends, and help management to streamline their sales process down to a science.

Dig into the details of your win and loss cycles to better understand what happens to opportunities at each stage and replicate successes.

When it’s time to report, you can share customized dashboards on your critical KPIs with anyone in the organization in seconds.

Pipeline Today

Get an up-to-the-minute look at the state of your pipeline.

The Pipeline Today report gives you a simple, actionable visualization of your open opportunities including value, age, and time in stage.

The complete history of each opportunity, including logged activities, is never more than a click away.

Filter any report down to the employee level to see where teams are struggling, report on rep behaviors, and share insights that help leadership adapt on the fly to improve deal size and win rates.

With rolling insight into every dimension of your pipeline, you can be confident winnable deals won’t slip through the cracks.


Pipeline History

Analyze how your pipeline and deals change over time.

Know where and how your pipeline is growing, reconcile what’s happened, and anticipate what’s coming.

The Pipeline History report gives you a snapshot of opportunities over any time period, all the way back to when you deployed your CRM.

Review trends in pipeline history by deal stage, count, or value.

Pipeline Flow

Understand the events behind changes in your pipeline.

How did last month’s events affect this month’s pipeline?

Which employees saw the greatest change last week to their pipeline for the month?

The Pipeline Flow report is your window into the impact of changes in deal state, value, and close dates on the rest of your pipeline.

Select opportunities with close dates over any range, then compare against activity across any time period to see changes in deals opened, won/lost, pushed, or pulled.

Sort by employee for a transparent look at how each rep is contributing and equip sales leaders to hold teams accountable and tailor coaching to every individual.

Pipeline Management Analytics
Pipeline Management Analytics

Strike Zone

Multiply your team’s win rate by spotting the deals most likely to close.

Are reps wasting time and effort on dead opportunities? Which deals deserve immediate attention?

Our Strike Zone report makes the answers obvious by showing the probability a deal will be won based on historical win rates of similar opportunities.

Apply live filters to see how probabilities change between teams, territories, product lines, or nearly any other field.

Then, equip your sales team to focus on the most viable opportunities before moving on to tougher sells.

Brightpearl increased new sales rep productivity by 32%.
“InsightSquared enabled us to compare conversion percentages at various stages of the pipeline to understand where we had issues, and then quickly benchmark with reps who were best in class to rapidly iterate our sales skills. This resulted in our new hire class of US sales reps becoming 32% more productive in the first 180 days.”
Carter Perez
Carter PerezSVP of American Sales, BrightPearl
Save hours of reporting every week
with sales intelligence on demand.

It’s easy to give InsightSquared a try. Sync up your CRM data to see real reports using your own sales history.

It’s time you put an end to tedious spreadsheet building and bring sales intelligence into your strategy.


Need even more customization?

Take sales intelligence even further.

Our extensive library of pre-built sales reports answers the most common questions asked of every sales team. But what about questions that are specific to your business or your market?

For those, there’s Slate: a powerful report builder that answers any question by combining and visualizing data from any source.

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