Marketing Analytics

Make sense of, diagnose, and prove the success of your marketing efforts.

Understand how marketing contributes to revenue and build credibility within your organization. InsightSquared enables marketing teams to make data-driven decisions around marketing-sales handoff, program ROI, and future spend. Flexibly integrate with the marketing automation and demand tracking systems you already use. Visualize a full-funnel picture of your revenue-generating lifecycle from lead, to opportunity, to close.


is following up on marketing-generated demand?


on which activities to spend your next marketing dollar?


marketing’s contribution to the business?

From daily metrics to long-term planning, we can help answer these questions and more.

Manage sales follow-up through the funnel, compare different attribution models, and analyze trends for maximum return.
Gain full visibility of the revenue funnel so marketing and sales can drive more revenue together.

InsightSquared gives visibility into marketing-generated demand through the entire revenue funnel, so you can understand conversion and manage follow-up to influence more revenue.

Foster better collaboration and alignment with your sales team by using a common platform. Discover insights around marketing and sales hand-off, so both teams can win together.

Justify your spend and showcase marketing’s contribution to the business.

InsightSquared’s attribution reports calculate the ROI of your marketing campaigns and measure how activities are contributing to the top line. Multiple attribution methods are shown side-by-side, so you can compare and decide what’s most relevant to your business. 

Build trust and credibility with the rest of the business and use our guided, best-practice reports to answer the right questions with the right answers.

Take the right actions, based on historical trends, to hit your sales and marketing goals.

InsightSquared helps you identify patterns and gaps in your marketing channels and activities, so you can determine where to focus for maximum return. Build on what’s working, fix what’s not, and optimize spend.

Lock in more marketing budget and resources, so you can continue to help supercharge growth for the business.

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