SaaS Metrics Reporting

Every report you need to run your SaaS business.

Track MRR/ARR, churn, LTV, and retention all in one place and explore every dimension of your SaaS business over time. Bring sales intelligence into your everyday operations to accelerate growth, maximize retention and simplify reporting.

InsightSquared is Easy

Manage the complex metrics that drive your SaaS business’s success, from tracking bookings to managing churn to increasing renewals.

Sophisticated KPIs

Quick Ratio and LTV are calculated behind the scenes and transformed into compelling visuals for easy analysis.

Simple Reporting

And with pre-built reports and completely customizable dashboards, reporting critical KPIs is as easy as sending an email.

Brains and Brawn

It’s not just sales intelligence: it’s the engine that runs your SaaS operations.

Running a SaaS business is complicated. InsightSquared isn’t.

Simplify revenue reporting with the sales intelligence software built for SaaS.

Tracking recurring revenue can be a messy business for SaaS companies. One-time fees, discounting, changing product lines, mid-month activation, and pricing options can quickly overmatch even your most sophisticated spreadsheet.

InsightSquared accounts for all of these factors to give you total insight into recurring revenue over any time period.

And accurate MRR is only the beginning: InsightSquared builds on top of MRR to give you even more sophisticated KPIs – like Quick Ratio, a number you can use to show your board how healthy the business is.

Spot patterns in churn and turn potential losses into huge gains.

Unaddressed churn is a silent killer for SaaS businesses. InsightSquared equips you to dissect account and revenue churn over time and uncover patterns you’d otherwise miss.

Filter by opportunity value, account stage and more, or compare customer cohorts to gauge the impact of sales activities on retention over time.

Use the insights to inform customer acquisition strategy, improve customer success, and minimize losses down the line.

Accurately forecast the future and bring predictability to your process.

Give your account management team a realistic picture of renewal rate by count and value for all your open contracts.

Anticipate upcoming renewals with plenty of time to allocate resources and maximize retention.

You can report on historical renewal rates across any time period in seconds and contrast against current performance.

And with automatic and ongoing LTV calculations, you can cut the question marks and move quickly to scale.

Sales managers and end-users are able to have forecasting meetings, pipeline discussions, and coaching evaluations with the use of InsightSquared.

The data is represented in a way that makes it easy for everyone to use and understand.

Michael Botler

Sales Operations Manager
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