Sales Analytics

The easiest way to become a data-driven sales team.

InsightSquared delivers real-time reporting, reliable forecasting, and total pipeline visibility in one intuitive view.

Track, visualize, and analyze all of your historical pipeline data and free up time to take action, not manage spreadsheets.

Everything you need to analyze, forecast, and report on sales activity.

Leadership needs answers. Sales teams need guidance. You need a way to persuade both groups and make strategic recommendations that will move the needle.

With InsightSquared’s Sales Analytics package, everyone can finally have it all.

From daily sales intelligence to deep analyses, it’s the operating system for your entire sales team.

Analyze pipeline activity over any time period, compare multiple forecast models on the fly, and share customizable dashboards with all the KPIs executives and sales leaders need.

Sales Forecasting

Accurately forecast the future and bring predictability to your process.

Forecasting doesn’t need to feel like a dark art.

InsightSquared automatically generates multiple forecast models that you can compare and contrast to zero-in on the most reliable prediction.

Improved accuracy starts at the rep level, with manual forecasting checks and balances that reveal where reps are off the mark.

Leadership and sales ops can enjoy greater confidence in the forecasts being created and are better equipped to hit targets.

Sales Forecasting from InsightSquared

Pipeline Management

Manage your entire pipeline without any manual report building.

Unlock all of your historical sales data and review your entire pipeline across any dimension over any time period.

InsightSquared’s sales intelligence software visualizes all of your data for intuitive analysis, making it easy to understand changes in your pipeline and uncover the real reasons behind them.

Activity Analytics

Know exactly which reps and activities are driving results.

Rep-level reporting brings unparalleled insight into how each rep is performing, where they’re struggling, and how sales leaders can coach them to improve.

Get granular with detailed reporting on per-account activity over time, compare to goals and dive into activity-to-activity ratios.

See what’s working, fix what’s not, and improve productivity across the board.

It’s the fastest path from sales data to sales intelligence.

Sales Activity Analytics from InsightSquared
Sales Results Analytics from InsightSquared

Result Analytics

Track results with total precision.

Whether reporting record highs or analyzing shortfalls, InsightSquared brings out the meaning behind the metrics.

Conduct detailed won/lost analysis and slice your data down to the rep level for a clearer picture of performance.

Visualize sales funnels for the company, product lines, time periods, or individual reps to spot trends and inform strategy.

See how you’re stacking up with at-a-glance comparisons of bookings against goals and more.

InsightSquared is the best tool I’ve used to give me access to decision-quality data.
“On the second day I could understand what was going on and create a test dashboard.
It put me in a great position because I don’t have to spend my energy running around to get the data; I spend my time using the data to make decisions.”
Pamela Coleman Davis
Pamela Coleman DavisDirector of Sales Operations, TrackMaven
Ditch static reporting and go from sales data to sales intelligence.
Go from a tangle of spreadsheets to systematic pipeline management, sales forecasting, and rep coaching.

Sync up your Salesforce data and see how simple and powerful revenue analytics can be.

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