Sales Development Analytics

Gain complete visibility into your SDR team’s performance.

Help your SDR team book meetings faster and create more pipeline by giving leadership insights into each rep’s activities and performance.

Start pulling actionable insights from your SDR team’s historical data — immediately.

Help your SDRs book meetings faster and source more deals.

You want to spend more time tracking activities, analyzing SDR contribution to pipeline and bookings, and finding ways to shorten the sales cycle — not maintaining spreadsheets and Salesforce reports.

With InsightSquared, you can spin up reports in minutes for SDR leadership that would normally take you days.

When they know who their top performers are and what sets them apart, leadership can use that insight to coach reps who struggle where another excels.

With personalized coaching and access to real-time sales performance data, you can help your SDR team generate more pipeline, and do your part to help grow the business.

SDR Tracking Activity

Improve SDR efficiency and effectiveness.

With call and activity reports, SDR managers see who is on track to hit their activity goals and whether process changes boost productivity.

They can view activity reports by time period, opportunity, versus goals, won/lost, and more. They can drill down even further and filter reports by individual rep, lead source, deal type, and dozens of other filters.

To create pipeline faster, leadership can use activity ratios to spot bottlenecks. They’ll know if an activity fails to convert across the team or for specific SDRs, and whether a process change or coaching is the solution.

Sales Development Analytics
Sales Development Analytics

Pipeline & Bookings Contribution

Connect SDR activities to pipeline and bookings.

The Pipeline and Booking  Contribution reports show SDR managers how effectively each SDR builds pipeline and whether their opportunities result in bookings.

SDR managers can see pipeline value, lead stage, and when each opportunity is expected to close — everything they need to accurately assess the impact of the SDR team.

You can filter the reports by team or rep to understand SDR impact on a more granular level, and to find opportunities to help SDRs improve by knowing exactly where they need additional coaching.

Sales Stage Analytics

Increase win rates and shorten sales cycles at each stage.

The Sales Development Funnel and Sales Cycle reports show each SDR’s win rates and sales cycle length by stage.

SDR managers can increase win rates and shorten sales cycles by having top performers for each stage act as models for struggling SDRs.

When you’re able to manage activity efficiency and effectiveness in real time, provide personalized coaching, and identify your top performers — SDRs will be ready to step into AE roles and perform at a high level sooner.

Sales Development Analytics
Brightpearl increased new sales rep productivity by 32%.
“InsightSquared enabled us to compare conversion percentages at various stages of the pipeline to understand where we had issues, and then quickly benchmark with reps who were best in class to rapidly iterate our sales skills. This resulted in our new hire class of US sales reps becoming 32% more productive in the first 180 days.”
Carter Perez
Carter PerezSVP of American Sales, BrightPearl
Ditch static reporting and go from sales data to sales intelligence.
Knowing what coaching each rep needs has never been easier. Sync up your Salesforce data and see how simple and powerful sales analytics can be.

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