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InsightSquared takes a simple approach to pricing. First pick the Platform that contains the features your sales team needs to achieve peak performance, then select the analytics Packages that include the reports that support your use case. Finally, choose Slate to quickly develop customized analyses which answer all of your businesses unique questions. That’s pretty much it.


Our Platforms scale with your business. The more sophisticated your operations function, the more advanced features we pack into your Platform.

Starter Professional Enterprise
Fast, templated configuration
Goals: Company Bookings
Historical Trending
Goals: Subgoals and Employee Goals
TV Leaderboard
Multicurrency: Company Level
Multicurrency: Dated Exchange Rates
Forecast Entry
Multicurrency: Personalized
Access Permissioning System
Custom Alternative Values
Sandbox Portal
Goals: Employee Subgoals
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We’ve bundled reports around popular use cases to make it easy for you to know exactly which reports you’ll have access to in whatever Packages you select.

Sales Analytics

Ditch your static sales reporting to grow faster and more efficiently. Priced by number of reps owning opportunities.

Sales Development Analytics

Analytics for BDR / SDR / Sales Development teams. Priced by number of opportunity sourcers.

Marketing Analytics

Marketing and Sales insights, together at last. Priced by size of prospect database processed.

SaaS Analytics

Board-level metrics, minus the board prep panic. Priced by total value of transactions processed.

Additional Connectors

Bring in data from any app. Priced by number of connectors added. Sample connectors include:

Staffing Analytics

Increase placements by deriving actionable intelligence from your ATS. Priced by number of reps owning job orders.


For companies that need to view their business through multiple lenses, we created Slate, a modern report builder that can combine and analyze data across any source to surface insights that were previously out of reach.

Slate Builder

Design and deploy your own custom reports using data from any source and integrated seamlessly into InsightSquared dashboards.

Slate Data Warehouse

Focus on analysis instead of IT. We setup and manage a full data warehouse for you.

Slate Connectors

Analyze the full scope of your business by adding data from any data source, whether cloud-based or on-premise.

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