The easiest path to
a trusted forecast.

Sales is complicated enough. Delivering a forecast shouldn’t be.
Simplify the process. Massively improve the outcomes.


The easiest path to
a trusted forecast.

Sales is complicated enough. Delivering a forecast shouldn’t be. Simplify the process. Massively improve the outcomes.

Bring predictability and confidence to your forecast.

Accurate forecasting is not about an algorithm. It’s about execution. It’s about knowing the true state of every deal—not just what a rep chooses to share. It’s about understanding all the possibilities that could occur and what managers are doing to coach reps and see the deal through. It’s about agility to adapt on the fly when something goes wrong.
An algorithm won’t give your CRO the confidence to walk into the boardroom each month. That only comes with execution. And it starts with visibility.
That’s what InsightSquared delivers.


Good data. Great forecast.

No more error-filled spreadsheets or tools that rely on spotty data from your CRM. Finally, an unfiltered, unbiased view of your pipeline.
With InsightSquared you start with complete and trusted data collected from all key sales activities. That means you can drill into any opportunity and see in detail how your team is progressing deals to validate your forecast. Apply our machine learning-driven Confidence to Close and Ideal Customer Profile to validate manual inputs.
Use this visibility to proactively coach reps and flag managers of potential deals at risk. Set alerts if a prospect goes dark, if next steps aren’t set or if a deal was poorly qualified. Create sales discipline around close dates and forecast category management, contact creation, next step maintenance and even qualification methodologies like MEDDICC.



Turn funnel reviews from inquisitions into true deal coaching.

Once you have your pipeline in order, it comes down to delivering.
Use InsightSquared to manage your weekly pipeline review meetings. Instead of inspection, focus on validation and coaching. Easily identify pull forward deals, coaching opportunities and where to invest.
Understand level of activity, gaps and the judgement behind rep’s numbers. Drive accountability and improve rep execution by taking and assigning Actions without leaving the platform.
There will always be deals that fade—and upside to be captured. With InsightSquared you’ll be ahead and ready. 



Automate and streamline forecast submission across your team.

Whether you are a sales rep with fingers crossed the big deal will close, or a CRO trying to reduce risk and squeeze upside, InsightSquared makes it easy way to roll up forecasts across your team—and ensure everyone is on pace to hit your target.
Seamlessly capture inputs from reps, then forward to managers to review, question and potentially override.
Slice and dice forecasts by regions, lines of business, products. By monthly or quarterly. Or any other segment. Maintain records of all changes and incorporate data from your complete sales history.
Flexible. Comprehensive. Exactly what you need to understand the gap between target and goal—and how to get there.



Make better business decisions the company can count on.

Your forecast is just a number. But it influences countless decisions across your company. Can you make that next hire? Increase marketing spend? Extend your product offering?
Don’t just know your number, nail it.
Use InsightSquared’s forecasting reports to hold reps and teams accountable, while visualizing their progress and improving their accuracy over time.
See how your AI-powered weighted pipeline, projected monthly bookings, manual forecast, and historical trends stack up with likely ranges of outcome for each.
Use the Forecast Summary report to spot issues like missing or outdated data and fill the gaps to improve accuracy across the board.
Analyze historical trends in rep performance, opportunity type, deal stage, and more in minutes.

We improved our sales forecast quality from around 30% to an almost constant 100% with InsightSquared.

“We now know if someone is having difficulties in sales, which KPIs are fine and which are not. We can now forecast properly and know which channels work better. We have managed to understand business on a much more granular level.”

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Ready to improve your forecast accuracy and sales execution?

InsightSquared delivers more than just a number. We support you from data capture, to pipeline reviews to closed-won. Finally a forecast you can trust.