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What is InsightSquared?

Built-in Salesforce reports can be complex to build and difficult for business users to adopt and access. Many organizations turn to Excel but Excel just gets messy.
InsightSquared, designed for Salesforce.com customers, creates reports that are easy to understand and simple to access so you can run your business by the numbers.

Questions InsightSquared Answers:

1) What are my actual probabilities-to-close for each opportunity stage?
2) Are my bookings on target relative to last month? To last quarter?
3) Which opportunities should we prioritize and which are in trouble?
4) What changed in my pipeline relative to last week? To yesterday?
5) Where can my employees benefit from coaching?

Why should I enroll in a trial?

If you do a trial with InsightSquared, included in the suite of reports they deliver, you’ll get immediate access to stage-by-stage probabilities. Rather than guessing your probabilities, you’ll know what they are. Just by doing the trial, you will be able to create more accurate forecasts as a result.

Email Template

Here is a quick email template you can use for approaching your referrals.


InsightSquared on Salesforce AppExchange
InsightSquared for Salesforce Features
Download One-Pager (PDF)
Integrating InsightSquared for Clients

Screenshots of Features

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