The shortest distance between data and decision.

Sometimes even 80 pre-built reports aren’t quite enough. Some questions are unique to your business.
For companies that need to view their business through multiple lenses, we created Slate, a modern report builder that can combine and analyze data across any source to surface insights that were previously out of reach.

How It Works

Slate extends InsightSquared’s vast library of sales reports by allowing business intelligence teams to analyze any data from virtually any source and visualize it in any format, leaving literally no sales or marketing question unanswered.

Slate tailors separate user experiences for the BI professionals who build the data schema and the business users who apply the insights to company needs.

Slate is a full-service solution — we can move, secure, analyze, and visualize data from any source to put you in a position to make informed business decisions.

Your analysts and BI team can drill, filter, and manipulate the data then visualize results in any chart type.

Board-ready reports can be rolled up into thematic dashboards and shared with key stakeholders. Business users can manipulate reports as easily as pivots and build collaborative dashboards.

When I think about how difficult it would be to do in Excel what I can do in Slate and InsightSquared, it’s mind-blowing.

Jack Montgomery

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