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Turn your CRM data into decision-quality reports and
board-ready visuals with InsightSquared’s
sales intelligence software.
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Avra Lazear
Senior Manager, Global Sales Operations and Strategy at Bazaarvoice
Focus on what matters
I’ve been able to spend a lot more time on forward-looking projects like revising our sales process, focusing on the right training that will get us better close rates, or win-loss analysis — things that will really move the needle.
InsightSquared Product Suite
Answer TilesDaily & Ad-HocSlate Sales
Questions in Minutes
Together, Tiles and Slate become the “operating system” for your sales team. It’s everything
you need to understand, forecast, and optimize your sales in one place.
Answer everyday sales questions (even the ones your CRM can’t) automatically.
Tiles is our library of 80+ sales reports that pull insights from your historical CRM data — from day one.
The reports you need to manage your pipeline, optimize your funnel, forecast your sales, and ultimately persuade leadership come out of the box.
Your team can easily access the reports they need on a daily basis, giving you more time to take action.
Real Customer
Library of reports
Dig deeper to answer any unique sales question with custom reports.
Slate’s custom reporting gives your analysts the power to slice and compare data from any source in any way they see fit.
Create any report to expose data that’s specific to your company and uncover the underlying causes of crucial business challenges. Together with Tiles, Slate is the shortest distance between data and decision.
Custom builder
An Operations Game-Changer
Having spent 10 plus years at Google where I built a lot of reporting on proprietary platforms, InsightSquared was a game changer.
The amount of time I used to spend configuring tables and massaging data to get reporting is now solely dedicated to asking questions and developing deeper business insights.”
Linda Fitzek
Director of Business Operations, EverString
Customer Love
The Best of the Best
See why our customers voted us the most easily implemented BI, as well as the #1 BI platform overall for the third year in a row.
The Bottom Line
The ROI of InsightSquared
We analyzed nearly 200 customers to help you anticipate year-one gains in growth, efficiency, and retention.


increase in monthly bookings


increase in MRR


decrease in sales cycle length


increase in ASP


increase in overall win rate

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