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Champ – Salesforce Deal Alerts in Real-Time

Champ is a virtual sales gong in your pocket. There’s no need for admin access or special configuration, just sign in with your regular Salesforce credentials and start getting notified the moment deals close. Available for iOS, Android and Slack.

Opportunities Knock

When someone on your team marks an opportunity as closed-won in Salesforce, you’ll get a push notification to your phone, tablet, or Slack app moments later.

Your Deals in a Glance

As soon as a deal closes, you can see who won it, what it’s worth, and how long it took to close. The full story is just one tap away in Salesforce1.

Add to Slack

Pipeline History

See your pipeline history in a single interactive chart, and see historical data in Salesforce that you can’t freely access anywhere else.

Understand Your Growth

The data breaks down by opportunity stage, allowing you to accurately attribute pipeline growth to your sales process.

Predict the Future

By comparing past revenue to past pipeline volume, you can better predict if you have enough pipeline right now to hit your goals.

Sales Grader

Get a CRM consultation using all of your data in seconds! The Grader uses 16 key indicators to suggest which part of your sales process you can improve, and which you already master.

Gain Insight Into Different Aspects of Your Sales Process

The Sales Grader doesn’t grade you on a single level, but will breakdown many aspects of your sales process and CRM usage to provide the most actionable advice.

Much More Than a Grader; It Tells You Why

The Sales Grader is a friendly app. It doesn’t judge you, like some consultants might, but uses your data to tell you where improvement is easiest, and provides custom advice for how to do better.

Sales Leaderboard

Fuel the competition in your office by displaying The Sales Leaderboard on the office flatscreen. Showcase top performers, and let the team know when new business is won with real-time alerts.

Showcase Your Top Reps

The display cycles through details of your top 5 reps, including average deal value, sales cycle, and a picture of their choosing.

New Deal Alerts!

Real-time alerts flash across the screen when new business is won, complete with account name, account executive, and deal size.

Lead Generation Report

Never build a lead-gen report in Salesforce or Excel by hand again! Track lead generation performance against your goals, and breakdown data by lead source.

Mouse-Over for More Data

Drill down to lead source or date by simply hovering your mouse over the data point you want to know more about.

Track Against Your Business Goals

The Lead Generation Report charts not only your lead-gen performance, but your goals. Know if you’re on track to hit number for the month or quarter.

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