Plans for Your Growing Needs

InsightSquared’s plans consist of a base Platform and scalable Packages.

First, choose your Platform.


Ready-to-go analytics for your growing company.


  • Fast, templated configuration
  • Goals: Company Bookings
  • Historical trending


  • Unlimited

Included Services

  • InsightSquared Academy


Customized and powerful for mature organizations.

All Starter features, plus…

  • Custom configuration
  • Goals: Employee and Team Subgoals
  • TV Leaderboard
  • Multicurrency: Company-Level
  • Multiple Data Connectors


  • Unlimited

Included Services

  • Online and Phone support


Extra infrastructure for larger organizations.

All Starter features, plus…

All Professional features, plus…

  • Simple Report Builder
  • Multicurrency: Dated / Personalized
  • Access Permissioning System
  • Custom Alternative Values


  • Unlimited

Included Services

  • Named representative

Next, choose your Analytics Packages.

Sales Analytics

Ditch your static sales reporting to grow faster and more efficiently. Priced by number of reps owning opportunities.

  • Sales Forecasting: data-driven forecasts that adapt to reps’ changing win rates and sales cycles; in-period bookings and rep-level push rates analytics
  • Pipeline Analytics: historical pipeline over time, pipeline review tools, pipeline inflow/outflow analytics, more
  • Activity Analytics: per-rep and per-account activity over time, comparison vs goals, activity-to-activity ratios
  • Results Analytics: won/lost analysis, sales funnels for company and per-rep, bookings vs goals, and more
  • Forecast Accuracy Analytics: call-outs and manual forecast tracking, forecast accuracy analytics across reps and teams

Sales Development Analytics

Analytics for BDR / SDR / Sales Development teams. Priced by number of opportunity sourcers.

  • Call Analytics: per-SDR count and duration analysis, time of day analysis
  • Activity Analytics: activity by SDR for mulitple activity types, activity goals, activity ratios
  • Downstream Contribution: pipeline contribution by SDR, bookings contribution by SDR
  • Conversion: sales funnel of sourced opps by SDR, sales cycle of sourced opps by SDR

Requires Professional platform edition

Demand Gen Analytics

Marketing and Sales insights, together at last. Priced by size of prospect database processed.

  • Demand Gen Quantity: lead generation over time and vs. goal, and from marketing vs. sales
  • Demand Gen Quality: lead aging, lead status by rep, lead last touch by rep
  • Demand Gen Conversion: conversion funnel from lead creation through to deal, conversion rates over time
  • Demand Gen Timing: average conversion time in each lead stage, historical through current

Requires Professional platform edition

SaaS Analytics

Board-level metrics, minus the board prep panic. Priced by total value of transactions processed.

  • MRR/ARR: inflow/outflow with new MRR, upgrades, downgrades and cancels
  • Churn: account churn and revenue churn, churn by custom field, LTV
  • Retention: renewal conversion rate, retention cohort heatmaps

Requires Professional platform edition

Additional Connectors

Bring in data from any app. Priced by number of connectors added.

  • Billing/Finance: NetSuite, Zuora, Recurly, Stripe, Paypal, Braintree
  • Customer Success: GainSight, Totango, HelpScout, UserVoice, more
  • Social Media and Marketing: Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Wistia, Optimizely, Google Analytics, SurveyMonkey, Bitly
  • Marketing Automation: Marketo, HubSpot, Eloqua, SendGrid, Act-On, Campaign Monitor, more
  • Productivity: PivotalTracker, Jira, Trello, Microsoft Excel, GitHub, more
  • Telephony: Synety, M5 Networks

Requires Professional platform edition

Staffing Analytics

Increase placements by deriving actionable intelligence from your ATS. Priced by number of reps owning job orders.

  • Salesperson Analytics: job order pipeline generation, job order to placement funnel, won/lost analysis
  • Recruiter Analytics: activity tracking, time-to-fill
  • Candidate Analytics: per-candidate status and activity, candidate stage funnel, candidate source analysis

Optional services available.


Initial onboarding: FREE for Professional and Enterprise

Configuration adjustments: FREE for Professional and Enterprise

Additional Training

That information lives here.

Custom Engineering

Custom report building: call us

Salesforce CRM Consulting/Configuration: call us

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