Sales Performance Analytics

Ditch Your Static Sales Reporting

CRM data alone raises more questions than answers.

InsightSquared equips you with actionable insights.

Improve forecast accuracy

One of the primary challenges sales leaders face is forecast accuracy. After all, the classic combination of static data, sales rep anecdote and “gut” adjustments isn’t a recipe for precision.

Sales Team Accountability

InsightSquared helps keep salespeople accountable for their data quality.

Individual Forecasts

Apply historical stage conversion rates at the rep level to deliver more predictive, reliable forecasts.

Set Management Objectives

Compare historical performance with forecasts based on your pipeline and actual conversion rates for each stage.

Multi-Dimensional Analysis

Consider additional factors, such as comparing how long deals typically remain in a stage against time remaining in the sales period.

How Everwise Drives Sales Performance


See your forecast, charted with likely ranges of outcome, and alternative forecasts based on historical performance and pipeline stages.

Forecast By Employee

How is each employee coming in this month? Review deals by pipeline stage for each rep to understand what’s really coming in this month and what’s pushing.


Top Rated for Success

InsightSquared ranks #1 for customer satisfaction on TrustRadius. Tech executives and leaders who need rapid access to answers on running their business are happy with InsightSquared.

“Our sales management and senior management is using InsightSquared in order to forecast, hold sales accountable and see trends in the business.”

TrustRadius Review, 6/5/2015

Manage your pipeline more effectively

To a CRM, all opportunities look alike. You have to scrutinize a page to identify deals that have stagnated or those with outlying values.

Synthesizing these details into a cohesive picture and tracking deal patterns over time requires intuitive technology. You need to know not only what’s in your pipeline today, but also when and why it changed. Your CRM is a snapshot, not a dynamic image.

Push Rates

Expedite wins by tracking which reps are prone to push out deals and understanding the characteristics of opportunities that get pushed.

Opportunity Changes

Review the history of opportunities and how they’re being worked. Use changes in opportunity fields to plan your 1:1 meetings.

We are able to take action immediately with insights on our conversions, goals, etc., to help our team perform their best.

AJ Bruno, Trendkite

Drive team performance through
data-driven coaching

Just as watching video helps elevate athletic performance, reviewing precise sales analytics reports improves rep performance. InsightSquared equips sales leaders and individual reps with common-ground reports, ensuring neither party needs to act on faith or instinct, but rather focus on the direct link between activities and results

Employee Efficiency

Contrast behavior and efficiency ratios from your top performers to your more junior staff. Coach them by modeling the behaviors of successful employees.

Increase Rep Motivation

Encourage healthy competition and improve your team’s productivity with a sales leaderboard that displays bookings and activities.

Activities With Goals

Use activity reporting with goals to understand exactly where reps are falling behind, and drive the right actions.

Employee Efficiency

Track employee efficiency to understand who to coach, and on what aspects of their performance. Develop targeted plans to improve their success.

Forecasting Report

How is each employee coming in this month? Review deals for each rep to understand what they plan to close. 

Calibrate your sales process

There’s no one ideal sales process. You need to discover the right sales process for your company through experimentation and analysis. You need insight into what is working and where deals are stalling or failing.

Find and Coach Top Performers

Historical conversion rates that can be filtered by person, product, or virtually any other field in your CRM.

Compare Time Periods

Use Compare Mode to view two different date ranges side by side. You can quickly judge the impact of process changes or team composition.

Activity Ratios
Sales Funnel

How Influitive Uses InsightSquared to Coach a Growing Sales Team

Influitive needed a solution to manage and coach a rapidly growing sales team. InsightSquared provided all of the activity and efficiency analysis they needed in one place.

Having InsightSquared helps focus my reps on the key metrics they need to succeed 

Learn how Emmanuelle Skala, VP Sales at Influitive, uses InsightSquared to coach her growing team more effectively.



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