3 Ways InsightSquared Forecasting Improves Execution

InsightSquared’s machine learning-driven sales forecasting platform completely changes the way sales organizations operate. Sales Forecasting no longer requires hours of manual guess-work. Instead, sales leaders can expect accurate, data-backed forecasts, and more importantly, understand exactly what it takes to meet—or even exceed—expectations.

Today, InsightSquared is the only vendor to deliver Activity Capture, Conversation Intelligence, Analytics & Dashboards, AI Forecasting and Guided Selling in one unified interface. 

But why should you care? Bottom line: more value with less work. In fact, rather than spending countless hours inputting and analyzing, we make the data work for you – in real time. .

Our mission has always been to help our customers make better business decisions. That could mean hiring those next few AEs, increasing marketing spend, entering a new region or reporting to shareholders. So, we’ve delivered an accurate, agile forecasting solution that does exactly that. 

We believe a top-line number is not enough. At InsightSquared, we take a bottom’s up approach, ensuring you have all the data, insights and actionable plans you need to predict and execute on an accurate sales forecast.

How does InsightSquared improve Forecast Accuracy and Sales Execution? 

#1: We Automate Data Capture.

Our automated data capture results in accurate sales forecasting data from day one.

Activity data is the number one indicator of deal success. It’s critical. If you are basing your forecast on only a fraction of the data, the reality is you will have only a fraction of your forecast. 

Our activity capture dives deeper than meetings and emails to capture engagement. It automatically looks into changes, adherence to sales processes, such as MEDDICC, connection to personas, and more. If it impacts deal progression, we capture it. 

Without any extra work on your end, you’ll know key details that impact bookings, such as:

  • Is the champion actually participating or just a name in a field? 
  • Is there a meeting on the calendar in the next 30 days? 
  • How many contacts are on X Opportunity? (If your rep is single-threaded, that’s an obvious step that was missed).
  • Does the timeline keep pushing? 

Improve your sales forecasting accuracy with InsightSquared.

We also give you deep visibility into the activity that has occurred on each deal so you can truly analyze deal health. When you use InsightSquared to roll up your forecast, you’ll know exactly where each deal stands and if you should feel confident in booking it. 

#2: We Balance Manual Inputs with Machine Learning.

According to CSO Insights, 47% of sales professionals say rep subjectivity is the top barrier to accurate forecasting. We believe it. We see it daily with customers and prospects. 

Manual inputs come with human bias. Whether intentional or not, the consequences for your company’s sales forecasting accuracy can be devastating.

That’s why we balance your forecast with our Confidence to Close and Ideal Customer Profile machine learning scores. This ensures you aren’t missing critical signs and are investing in the right deals. Our AI-powered, weighted pipeline weighs projected monthly bookings, manual forecast, and historical trends stack up with likely ranges of outcome for each. We ask the questions so you don’t have to. 

InsightSquared applies Advanced Sales Math to go beyond pure activity numbers when aligning sales activities with critical data points. Our platform reviews deal attributions, progression timelines, sales cadences and engagement, and historic win rates to ensure your sales forecasting number is one you can count on.

When it comes time to review your forecast, you’ll know:

  • Does this deal look like other deals you win? 
  • Does this deal have enough meetings or too many? 
  • Is your decision-maker engaged at the right level and responding at the right cadence? 

InsightSquared's platform makes activity capture a seamless process.

#3: We give you way more than just a number.

In talking with sales leaders, the frustration is consistent: hours are put into forecasting and all they are left with is a top-line number. A number that most sales leaders lack confidence in, that does not provide meaningful insights, nor improve execution. This feedback is clear—whether sales leaders forecast in spreadsheets, ad-hoc emails or another tool. 

Goodbye Spreadsheets. Hello Sales Forecasting Automation!

We don’t consider your sales forecast the end-all number. It’s one of many data points used to guide reps on what step to take next to move those deals forward, along with the real-time data and machine learning scores we just discussed. 

Beyond the data, we provide a strategy and actionable tools, so you know where to prioritize and exactly what to do to execute on each deal. 

These tools include: 

  • Pipeline Review Dashboards that make it easy to focus on the top 10 deals most likely to close and the top 5 deals with the biggest upside. Now funnel meetings turn from inspection to coaching. 
  • Dynamic Guided Selling Actions that offer in-the-moment guidance to reps and managers on the sales process and best practices. 
  • Forecasting Insights that enable you to drill in deep and see details such as how your forecast is changing by week, month or any period.

Sales forecasting is not about an algorithm. 

We have the best engineers and data scientists in the world, but we’re the first to admit forecasting is not about an algorithm. It’s about execution and coaching, and that starts with visibility. 

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to automation. Goodbye to stale data and hello to complete visibility. Goodbye to reports and hello to actions. 

Curious where your forecasting accuracy fits when it comes to industry peers? Check out this quick video with forecasting benchmarks and insights.

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