4 Free Tools to Streamline Your Remote Sales Force

We are living through an unprecedented situation right now, with COVID-19 impacting our lives at every turn. One of the most common and concerning aspects of this for many is how it impacts our day-to-day work situation. For those of us in the sales profession, we are fortunate to have a remote work option (in most cases) that allows us to continue working. However, this is uncharted territory for many, and can be difficult to adapt to.

While we cannot impact the behavior of your buyers, we can ensure that you and your sales organization do not skip a beat during this time of uncertainty. The following are four free tools that integrate directly into your Salesforce* function and bring both stability and predictability to your sales process.

*All tools are available via the Salesforce AppExchange except Champ! which is available on Slack, iOS and Android.

Pipeline History

Don’t lose visibility of your historical data when you lose visibility of your teammates. With Pipeline History, all historical data is at your fingertips to analyze via fully customizable, interactive charts. You can filter everything by opportunity stage and compare past revenue to past pipeline — including similar periods of turmoil or financial disruption — so you can better address your future.

Sales Funnel

There is no better time to closely monitor your sales funnel than now. As reps grow accustomed to their remote situation, they must also prepare for new prospect behavior. Without the casual conversations going on from desk to desk, everyone should still have insight into trends in the sales funnel and find ways to better approach the situation. Our Sales Funnel tool delivers instant insight into your funnel so you can adjust appropriately.


If you ring a bell to signal the close of a deal and there’s no one around to hear it, did it really happen? Of course it did! However, the bell-ringing action is less about the actual closing of the deal than it is about the energy and excitement that it brings to fellow team members. With Champ!, we notify your organization of every win the minute it logged in Salesforce via Slack, SMS and/or email. Keep the energy and morale up remotely with Champ!

Sales Grader

There is no bad time to assess your sales process, especially as you work remotely and look to fine-tune your process to the current state of affairs. Our Sales Grader evaluates your sales process and CRM usage across 16 metrics, then rather than simply grade your performance, it provides actionable steps for you to improve upon it. While your sales process shouldn’t change dramatically working remotely, it never hurts to ensure you are maximizing every opportunity.

While we hope for business to resume as usual very soon, the current situation is challenging, to say the least. We hope that these free tools can provide some semblance of predictability to you and your teams and keep them functioning at a high level while they are remote. Best of luck and, most importantly, stay safe!

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