InsightSquared Launches Free Sales Leaderboard Application For

Visual Gamification Tool Empowers Sales VPs And Managers To Boost Sales Team Performance

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Sept. 24, 2013 — InsightSquared, provider of the #1 Salesforce Analytics product, today launched the “Free Sales Leaderboard Application for,” available immediately on the AppExchange.   Specially designed to engage and motivate sales teams to close more deals, the sales leaderboard app uses gamification technology that allows inside sales teams to significantly increase sales performance by growing the pipeline and closing more deals. This is accomplished by recognizing top sales performers through a visually compelling display that is similar to popular sports channels.  Sales VPs and sales managers using can now motivate and engage their sales reps by driving friendly competition in the workplace in a really fun and innovative format.

Developed for public viewing on any large screen TV, the sales leaderboard is a free, easy-to-use app to help improve overall sales performance by drawing on the competitive nature of sales teams. With the Free Sales Leaderboard Application, any user can motivate their sales reps with a number of eye-catching features including:

  • Sports-style Leaderboard that highlights top sales team member pictures, number of deals and average value of bookings through a rich visual interface.
  • Scrolling Ticker that displays deals on a loop in real time at the bottom of the screen just like on a sports station screen.
  • Congratulatory Screen that recognizes sales team superstars when a deal is closed.

“Gamification in sales is growing ever more popular because it works and it motivates naturally competitive sales representatives,” said Fred Shilmover, co-founder and CEO of InsightSquared. “Our Free Sales Leaderboard Application for is our contribution to all sales organizations who deeply care about driving more performance and helping their sales teams succeed in a fun work environment.”

Already, sales VPs and managers using are reporting significant benefits including improved sales performance among their sales teams and greater visibility and recognition across the company.

“We use InsightSquared extensively throughout our sales organization,” said Seth Lieberman, founder and CEO of SnapApp.  “It is a phenomenal reporting tool on both balances and flows of data that help us to slice and dice our process to better results.  The leaderboard is a great app  — we love to positively reinforce the competitive nature of our sales team and it also provides great visibility and recognition to other departments company wide.”

The Free Sales Leaderboard Application is immediately available on the AppExchange and can be up and running on your office television screen before you close your next deal.

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