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Ready to improve your HubSpot Forecast accuracy? 

Do you have confidence in your sales forecast? Are you prepared to make critical business decisions such as new headcount, market expansion or product development? 

As B2B revenue leaders, you’re consistently looking for ways to predict the future with increased accuracy. You may still be relying on spreadsheets to build your forecasts. Or perhaps you’ve layered on a point tool to build out your predictions. The question is: are you using every bit of the sales activity and engagement data you already have at your fingertips to inform your HubSpot forecast accuracy and improve sales outcomes? 

According to Gartner, 80% of interactions between buyers and sellers will be digital by 2025. That’s a massive amount of data that no human or spreadsheet can parse—taking advantage of it requires machine learning, which has quickly moved from a nice-to-have to a make-or-break for sales leaders. With the new InsightSquared HubSpot integration, HubSpot SalesHub customers can now benefit from machine learning to get even more out of your current system and data—including next-level reporting, analytics, and forecasting. 

More Flexibility Equals More Accurate HubSpot Forecasting

Better forecasting does not start with an algorithm. It starts—and ends—with better, deeper data. Contacts, emails and meetings aren’t enough. What you’re really seeking is more data on the sales process. The details around every step, every activity, every response, every lag. 

You likely have this data, it’s just not being put to use. Yet. 

Improving forecast accuracy in HubSpot isn’t difficult. See how easy it is to automate and streamline forecast submission across your team. Then balance human inputs with machine learning to validate your forecast and investments. Demo InsightSquared for HubSpot.

Envision walking into a Pipeline Review meeting where deal data has already been validated with machine learning. It was auto-captured, logged and analyzed. And it was clear your forecast was off. The rep had the deal in Commit, but the machine learning flagged it was not following the path of any deal you had ever won in the past. Looking closer, it had been 27 days since the last meeting, there was no meeting scheduled and the previous 2 emails had no response. 

Instead of an interrogation, manager and rep are on the same page regarding the health of the deal. They can then work collaboratively on a mitigation plan or acknowledge it’s dead and remove it from the forecast, allocating resources to higher probability opportunities. 

This is the power now available to HubSpot SalesHub customers. Using the InsightSquared Revenue Intelligence Platform we enrich the data you already have in HubSpot with details such as real activity, prospect engagement level, sales process adherence, and more to improve conversions — and increase revenue. 

The InsightSquared Revenue Intelligence Platform integrates directly through your API. The integration is a simple connection—your admin clicks a button to provide access to your HubSpot instance, along with your email and calendar providers (Gmail or Office 365). We immediately capture 15 months of data so the machine learning can get to work right away, combining your activity and engagement data with the static properties from HubSpot like deals and companies to understand how these factors impact win rates and deal flow. Now you have the reins — and you can really, truly use all of your data to improve outcomes. 

What you’ll get is an easily customizable, real-time seamless experience. Drill down through different data sets whenever you want. Quickly see your true pipeline, which deals are at risk and what activities are occurring on all of those deals—every activity, every persona, every deal. What you don’t have to do? Go through three different reports to find out three different things and then back out and find your place again. Instead, you’ll see everything in one single view and easily find the next metric that you care about. All in a single interface.

Rely on Data, Not Gut Feelings

Historically, forecasts have been built on a combination of art and science, plus good old “gut feeling.” Sales leaders use their acumen and experience to select deals they think are going to come in, and to place their bets on which deals have the best chance of winning. 

InsightSquared takes the gut feeling out of the forecasting process, and replaces it with machine learning, so you can better understand where you’re going to finish up. You’ll truly know not just what, but why certain deals are more likely to come in, and what deals can be pulled in. You’ll be able to rely on both historical and real-time data to effectively inform your forecast. 

Consider the difference between leveraging machine learning versus saying, “Hey, we have five deals and historically we’ve won two of them — and, hopefully I picked the right two.”

With the InsightSquared integration, you’ll be able to quickly confirm which deals are on track, and which ones you’re not going to win — and why. Now both the rep and the manager can spend their valuable time planning how to boost deals that need help, as opposed to debating whether other deals are really coming in or not. Everyone can better focus their time where it matters most. More deals will get pulled in because you’ve freed up time and sales capacity to work strategically. 

Conversational Intelligence: Call and Meeting Analytics Improve HubSpot Forecasting Accuracy

Don’t sleep on the impact of including conversational analytics in your forecast predictions. Many people still consider call and meeting data (transcriptions, keywords, competitive mentions, talk time) a nice-to-have or something that’s only tangentially related to forecasting. But the reality is, call recording data is one of the purest datasets available when it comes to forecasting accuracy. 

Yes, call data is a key tool for enablement and coaching. But how often do you listen to a call more than once? With machine learning, you can now use that data to augment your pipeline and your forecasts and improve forecast confidence and accuracy. And because you’re not dealing with a static, inflexible report but with data that refreshes itself constantly, you stay informed and up-to-the-moment.

It’s time to move on from error-filled spreadsheets and get more out of your CRM data. Easily automate and streamline forecast submission across your team. Then balance human inputs with machine learning to validate your forecast and investments. Know how to minimize risk and capture upside — to not just meet, but exceed your goals.

You can significantly improve your forecast accuracy using the InsightSquared HubSpot integration. Get started today.

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