InsightSquared Acquires Olono

The days of siloed data and disconnected point tools are over. And we could not be more excited.

InsightSquared, the leading provider of revenue intelligence solutions, has acquired Olono, a leader in sales activity management.

Yay! Welcome to the InsightSquared family, Olono! We are so excited to have you on board.

But wait, who is Olono?

Olono is real-time guided selling for B2B organizations seeking predictable revenue growth and consistent sales execution. Olono automatically captures all sales activity from 80-plus tools and sources, then delivers intelligent, sales-consumable Olono ActionsTM that put sales reps on the fastest path to close. They are trusted by sales reps and management to improve pipeline visibility, reduce risk and coach sellers in the moment.

Olono offers a number of capabilities but is most frequently referred to as an AI Sales Assistant. Top features include:

  • Automated activity capture syncing to the CRM.
  • Deep visibility into real-time sales activity and prospect engagement data from 80+ sources (sale tech tools, web activity, other databases).
  • Delivery of next best actions directly to reps, as well as managers and support teams, to train, coach and reinforce best practices in the moment.

Why InsightSquared + Olono?

At InsightSquared, we help revenue operations professionals make better decisions by equipping them with actionable, real-time intelligence that drives predictable growth. The insights Olono provides are what our customers have been asking for. We are excited to provide customers deeper functionality across their sales and mar-tech tools from a single, trusted vendor.

Together, InsightSquared and Olono offer the most complete end-to-end revenue operations solution, connecting sales and marketing analytics with historical and real-time activity and engagement data to improve business decision making and drive predictable results.

So if you think about it, this combination is a match made in heaven. InsightSquared marketing analytics can give you visibility into demand and marketing attribution, Olono can give you the insights and tools you need to put sales reps on the fastest path to close, sales analytics will help you forecast accurately and manage pipeline and customer success analytics will reduce churn and keep the customers you worked so hard to earn.

What’s next?

InsightSquared now offers the most comprehensive solution for managing all the data from demand to renewals. Olono is easy to deploy and can be up and running quickly. InsightSquared customers who use Olono will gain deeper visibility into their sales activity and prospect engagement. Customers will have a much richer set of insights as well as the ability to take action right out of the gate.

For more information about InsightSquared acquiring Olono, check out the full press release here.