InsightSquared Acquires Olono, Answers Revenue Teams’ Call for Real-time Actionable Intelligence And Receives Additional Funding

Combination of leading revenue intelligence solution with activity data capture and next best action sales engine offers industry’s most complete platform to drive predictable growth

BOSTON — Oct. 3, 2019 – InsightSquared, the leading provider of revenue intelligence solutions, has acquired Olono, a leader in sales activity management. The acquisition solidifies InsightSquared’s position as the vendor of choice for revenue operations professionals who want to equip go-to-market teams with a suite of integrated tools to help businesses make better decisions to drive predictable growth.

This move will transform the way B2B organizations process, measure, analyze, and optimize sales, marketing, and customer success operations, ensuring continuous coaching and improvement at every stage. Together, InsightSquared and Olono offer the most complete end-to-end revenue operations (RevOps) platform, connecting all your sales and marketing data with historical and real-time activity and engagement data to boost sales execution and grow revenue.

“The days of siloed data and disconnected point tools are over,” said Fred Shilmover, CEO of InsightSquared. “We’re taking the sophisticated revenue intelligence solution trusted by thousands of users today, and now bringing in over 80 new data sources. With the addition of next best action recommendations, InsightSquared is providing a solution where organizations can measure, analyze, predict, and improve outcomes.”

As a result of this transaction, InsightSquared now offers the most comprehensive solution for managing your demand to renewal cycle with the addition of:

  • Deep visibility into real-time sales activity and prospect engagement data from 80+ sources (sales and MarTech tools, web activity, and other applications)
  • Delivery of Olono ActionsTM directly to your reps, sales managers, and support team to train, coach, and reinforce next best actions for maximizing revenue
  • Automated activity capture sync to the CRM

“The key to unlocking the power of AI is ensuring comprehensive intelligence gets to the field in time to impact,” said Jim Dickie, Founder, Sales Mastery. “At a time when the market is shying away from point tools and looking toward integrated solutions, this combination brings together deep analytics and insights, along with real-time coaching actions that can help organizations quickly optimize selling.”

Throughout the buyer’s journey, as insights are produced and triggers are met, Olono sends recommended actions to reps and managers, providing in-the-moment coaching. All data and learnings are captured providing customers with the most sophisticated machine learning engine for revenue organizations.

“At the core of effective Revenue Operations is data,” said James Davison, Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder of Olono. “By joining forces with InsightSquared, organizations now have access to the most robust data set with visibility into real-time sales activity from any source. The result is a deeper understanding of patterns, common success criteria, risks and opportunities—to guide smarter business decisions. The InsightSquared team has a fantastic vision and culture. We could not be more excited to join them on this journey.”

InsightSquared and Olono have received strong recognition and were named as Leaders and High Performers in Business Intelligence, Sales Analytics, AI Sales Assistant and Sales Engagement in G2 Crowd’s Fall 2019 reports. This analysis is based on real user reviews, showcasing the ease-of-use and value these solutions bring to customers. On the heels of this momentum, InsightSquared is also announcing additional funding from Accomplice and Tola Capital.

“With this move, InsightSquared is fundamentally changing the way enterprises transform data from insights into actions,” said Aaron Fleishman, Partner, Tola Capital. “We see an incredible market opportunity for revenue operations professionals who want to equip their go-to-market teams with actionable, real-time intelligence and could not be more excited to expand our partnership with the InsightSquared team.”

About Olono
Olono is real-time guided selling for B2B organizations seeking predictable revenue growth and consistent sales execution. A SaaS-based solution, Olono automatically captures all sales activity from 80-plus tools and sources, then delivers intelligent, sales-consumable “Actions” that put sales reps on the fastest path to close. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Olono is trusted by sales reps and management to improve pipeline visibility, reduce risk, and coach sellers in the moment. For more information, visit

About InsightSquared
InsightSquared helps revenue operations professionals make better decisions by equipping them with actionable, real-time intelligence that drives predictable growth. Businesses rely on the company’s solutions to forecast more accurately, better manage pipeline, tailor rep coaching based on individual performance, understand their marketing attribution, and conduct data-backed planning and analysis. For more information, visit

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