InsightSquared + Revenue Collective: Elevating the partnership between CROs, RevOps and the entire GTM team.

Big news for revenue leaders! We’re thrilled to announce we have entered into a strategic partnership with Revenue Collective, an incredible membership organization bringing together more than 4,000 sales, marketing and operations professionals. Together, we will work to address many of the challenges revenue professionals face, including cross-functional alignment, forecast accuracy, analytics and reporting, and overall processes improvement and optimization.

Why Revenue Collective. Why Now. 

Today nearly 80% of B2B sales interactions occur in digital channels—yet most companies still struggle to get a clear view of their revenue processes due poor CRM data quality, conflicting reports, competing cross-functional priorities, and an overall lack of visibility.

While companies should have the same goal — improving business  outcomes — getting there requires a coordinated effort, working through a myriad of questions that face revenue leaders each day. Critical questions such as:

  • What is the quality of my funnel?
  • What deals are stalled or already dead? And what are the true upside opportunities? 
  • Which steps in the sales process truly impact funnel conversion rates?
  • How do I align cross-functional support to optimize sales rep execution?
  • What are the lead sources that convert most effectively?
  • Where do managers and enablement teams need to prioritize coaching? 

 The list is ever growing and the reason thousands of sales, marketing and operational professionals tune into the Revenue Collective’s #revenue_opeations Slack channel where peers share their experiences to help the community grow as a whole. 

We’re honored to help drive discussion and answers in the general channels, while also hosting #insight_squared, where community members can interact with our team. In addition, we have an incredible lineup of webinars, meet-ups, research reports and more slated to spotlight the issues top of mind for revenue operations professionals. 

“We’re incredibly excited to continue the story with InsightSquared. Todd Abbott, their CEO, has been a longstanding Member of Revenue Collective and cares deeply about empowering revenue operations teams,” said Sam Jacobs, founder and CEO of Revenue Collective. “As we surpass 4,000 Members, our strategic partnership with InsightSquared is a monumental step towards providing the community with the education that is obligatory in the constantly evolving Rev Ops space.”

“I have been a member of Revenue Collective for a long time and have watched it grow from a small regional community, to one that is now supporting top sales and marketing professionals all around the globe. Despite the growth, the high quality of content and networking amongst your peers is extremely valuable. We couldn’t be more excited to team up with the Revenue Collective team to help revenue leaders take control of every step of their revenue journey,” Todd Abbott, CEO of InsightSquared.  

What are you waiting for? Join us! 

We’d love for you to join us this year. For more information, or to apply, visit: Revenue Collective. For those interested in learning more about InsightSquared, check out our Revenue Intelligence Platform.

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