InsightSquared Unveils New Sales Forecasting Platform, Expands Suite of Revenue Intelligence Solutions

BOSTON — Mar. 5, 2020 InsightSquared, the leading provider of revenue intelligence solutions, today announced the latest addition to its strategy of delivering a platform suite to enhance the effectiveness of customers’ revenue operations —an AI sales forecasting platform that makes it easy for sales organizations to seamlessly deliver accurate forecasts, while also ensuring sales leadership knows exactly what actions are required to execute.

InsightSquared is now providing revenue leaders with the Data, Insights and Actions they need to improve rep coaching, speed sales cycles and significantly increase competitive win rates.

“Accurate forecasting is not just about an algorithm. It’s about execution. It’s about knowing exactly what’s going on in deals, what reps and managers ‘think’ may happen, and ensuring reality meets expectations,” said Todd Abbott, President & COO, InsightSquared. “That mix is what allows CROs to confidently deliver a forecast commitment to the CEO and CFO which has a shared confidence each month.”

InsightSquared’s revenue intelligence solutions include: 

  • Activity Capture: Automatically sync sales activity and engagement—removing the manual data entry burden from reps—and ensuring sales leaders can finally trust the data in their CRM. InsightSquared goes beyond meetings and emails to capture engagement, changes, adherence to sales processes such as MEDDICC, connection to personas and more. If it impacts deal progression, InsightSquared captures it.
  • Analytics & Insights: Effectively assess the entire customer journey and make decisions with precision, weighing the impact of activities to outcomes. Identify key steps in the sales processes, prospect behavior and likely results. Combining a library of pre-built sales reports with the flexibility to quickly build custom reports in minutes, InsightSquared is used to improve deal coaching, pipeline management and accountability in rep 1:1s, pipeline reviews, QBRs, and other sales cadences.
  • Forecasting: Automate and streamline forecast submission across an entire sales team; slice and dice forecasts by regions, lines of business, products, time period and more; and dive deep into forecasted opportunities to see exactly what’s expected and understand the gap between target and goal. InsightSquared’s Forecast Submission includes proprietary Confidence-to-Close and Ideal Customer Profile models, balancing manual entry with machine learning to validate commits and reduce risk.
  • Guided Selling: Coach reps in the moment by providing a personalized feed of Actions prioritized by what matters most. Onboard new reps faster and scale best practices learned from top reps by delivering real-time recommended steps proven to improve pipeline velocity and close rates. Managers can receive Actions too, alerting them to deals at risk and opportunities to coach reps in-the-moment, to improve deal outcomes well before it’s too late. 

The addition of Sales Forecasting comes on the heels of InsightSquared’s recent integration with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Application Platform, bringing LinkedIn Sales Navigator usage data into InsightSquared’s revenue intelligence software.  

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About InsightSquared 

InsightSquared helps revenue operations professionals make better decisions by equipping them with actionable, real-time intelligence that drives predictable growth. Businesses rely on the company’s solutions to forecast more accurately, better manage pipeline, tailor rep coaching based on individual performance, understand their marketing attribution, and conduct data-backed planning and analysis. For more information, visit

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