ICYMI: Manage Contacts, Leads, Pipeline, and Accounts in One Interface

If your SDR/BDRs are using one tool, your AEs another and your Account Managers/Customer Success Managers yet another—your RevOps stack is likely spiraling out of control. Not only are you spending more than necessary on license and management costs, but beyond the dollars, both deal progression and customer experience are suboptimal.

Here’s why—each of those tools is designed for a single phase of the customer journey. While some of these applications write specific elements back to your CRM, in most cases they keep the data in their own “walled garden”, only to be used for calculations, automations and actions in their own application.

The customer suffers. Your top line suffers.

That’s why at InsightSquared we’ve introduced Lead Automation and Management.

This means you can manage Leads, Contacts, Opportunities and Accounts from a single RevOps platform. And you get the same activity capture and guided selling functionality you’ve come to expect from our platform.

Let’s face it. Many companies face incredible challenges engaging top of funnel prospects.

Sound familiar: Customer ABC is interested in a product, they hit the website, check out a few things and find a white-paper that has compelling information they want to understand better. They submit the “request this white-paper now” form, get the download, and go about their business.

Five days later, they get an email from an SDR asking if they’d like to learn more. In the prior four days, they already found an alternate vendor, took two meetings, and have started lining up their internal deal team. It’s too late for the well-intentioned SDR.

Today, 55% of companies take 5+ days to respond. That’s valuable selling time you don’t want to miss. Now you never will.

The InsightSquared RevOps platform now supports Leads automation and management. As part of this support, we’ve added:

  • Lead Reporting and Inspection
  • Lead Activity Analytics
  • Lead Activity Tracking (Last Touch, Last Inbound Touch, Last Meeting, Next Meeting… etc)
  • Lead SLA Management (time to first touch, new lead notifications, etc)
  • Lead Activity Capture and Sync (capture all emails and meetings, sync them to SFDC)
  • Lead Insights

Similar to the visualization and report building you’ve used for Opportunities in your Pipeline, you can now drill down data related directly to Lead-defined activities such as last outbound email, last inbound email, meetings, etc.

It’s now easier than to understand trends across your funnel to increase predictability and improve outcomes.

The Leads interface offers Lead activity visualizations, the ability to build Lead reports based on your specific needs and direct access to individual Lead details. It includes:

  • Lead Segments – Define a set of Leads to manage and inspect. This allows you to have fewer inspection reports and better organization of the Leads you want to manage.
  • Lead Activity Visualization – Get an in-depth visualization of Lead-oriented activity available in both a current week and month view. Percentage per activity, bar charts reflecting itemized activity volume, total activities and total activity change percentage are calculated and presented by Lead totals or your own custom reports.
  • Lead Reporting – Build Leads reports with the data that matters to you. Create, save, edit and share Leads reports.
  • Lead Details – Instantly access the details of a Lead; name, contact information, status, number of meetings, activity and more by clicking on the lead name in your Leads view. Having instant access to this data improves efficiency, prevents toggling between tabs and allows a single click to access detailed data or return to the Leads view. Lead details also maintain a single click option to access Actions.
  • Lead Automation and Notifications (Slack & Email) 
    • Notify reps of new leads assigned to them 
    • Notify reps of engagement SLA’s (time to first touch)
    • Automate Lifecycle Management (set lead to working on first email reply)
    • And many more examples

Want to see it in action? Request a demo today.