I’m James Davison, Chief Product Officer here at InsightSquared taking you behind the scenes of our Revenue Intelligence Platform launch. 

Let’s start with the obvious. Product launches are HARD. There are a million details, months of work, huge investment in both capital and resources. It’s no surprise companies can’t afford to do them very often, so when you do, you want to make them count.

As a product lead, it’s a double whammy. Generally you only get credit for shipping new things, so it’s important that your big launches help in the right places. Your launch should support the  company strategy and vision. It should improve the day-to-day experience of your users. And it should solve problems in new or different ways. 

This launch for InsightSquared checks all those boxes. We are helping to define the Revenue Intelligence market, by launching the most complete platform within it. The fruition of years of work at Olono (as a proud founder), and now at InsightSquared. 

At its core, revenue intelligence answers the questions: “Why are my top sellers so effective?” and “How do I replicate their behavior?”  

To be honest, it’s a question CROs and sales leaders have been asking as long as there have been sellers. I can totally imagine a Stone Age Chief chasing someone for not getting enough stone axes out there. Or some guy smoking a big cigar, beating up a poor door to door sales rep.  The reason we are able to answer this question today, and never before is that technology now exists to capture the engagement between the prospect and the seller(s).  

It started with marketing, and a proliferation of tools to help companies follow contacts through the buyer’s journey. Then the rise of inside sales and sequencing tools brought a level of visibility to the initial parts of a sales cycle. 

The tools came, but the sales improvement did not. 

That’s because those tools didn’t talk to each other—each operating at their own cadence, prioritizing their own activities. At best they wrote back a small portion to the CRM. But they didn’t align on strategy and outcomes. They didn’t allow the cross-functional users to evaluate. They just ran—suggesting content, tracking open rates, calculating a forecast prediction—all based on their own silos. 

This is the problem we set out to solve, and I couldn’t be more proud of the team that did. 

With our new Revenue Intelligence Platform, we aligned ALL the marketing touches, ALL the emails, ALL the meetings, ALL the call transcriptions, and ALL the technologies from suspect to happy upgrading customer. Together, Marketing Automation, Activity Capture, and Conversational Intelligence tools create a rich, authentic view of everything that happened in an engagement. 

But there was no stopping just to enjoy the view. 

We recognized that along with this new level of visibility, came the need for new tools to manage it. We recognized: 

  • Traditional CRMs can’t handle the diverse types of data being produced (structure vs unstructured, custom objects, etc.). And traditional reporting and analytics solutions can’t either.  
  • Traditional tools couldn’t support the sheer amount of data coming in. That required scalability and speed these systems were not built to support.
  • Traditional tools don’t understand change management. Reporting isn’t enough. Generating insights and incorporating them into your operating rhythm is actually where the magic is. Dashboards don’t matter, it’s how you use them.  

Machine learning had to take over. There’s literally too much data, from too many sources, of too many types for human analysts to be effective. 

So behind the six integrated revenue intelligence solutions in our platform, you’ll find a robust context and correlation engine, all supported by powerful machine learning. 

InsightSquared is now a Platform designed to drive better execution. 

  • We capture the data for you;
  • We analyze it FAST and deliver the insights on where your process is breaking down;
  • We package those insights  in a way you can drive change in how your managers inspect and coach;
  • We provide automation and alerts to enrich the CRM, improve productivity and guide sellers; and
  • We translate what’s happening in your funnel into prescriptive guidance identifying exactly where and how you can win more.  

It’s been a whirlwind year since the Olono acquisition by InsightSquared and the success is very real. This combination has proven to be a force multiplier. As you can see today, it’s literally 1+1 = 6. 

The work by the InsightSquared team is defining an entirely new class of sales tech, and this launch is a major milestone in that journey. Today we introduced the broadest, most powerful revenue intelligence platform on the market. 

Our customers know it, and soon everyone else will too. 

Join us on Thursday, September 24 for a live webinar and a First Look at the New InsightSquared Revenue Intelligence Platform.

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