The Awesome Things That Happened at InsightSquared in September

September is surely a busy month with the end of quarter drawing near and everyone working extra hard for a strong Q3 finish. However, it didn’t stop the InsightSquared team from having another awesome month with tons of activities and fun.

This month, InsightSquared welcomed Sitters Without Borders into the office for a lunch-and-learn event. Sitters Without Border offers free and low-cost weekly evening babysitting services to low-income parents attending college in the Greater Boston area. In this lunch and learn, Sitters Without Borders introduced the team to its vision and missions, as well as the various volunteering opportunities that are relevant to InsightSquared’s employees’ expertise. 

At the lunch and learn session, many people expressed interest in volunteer opportunities with Sitters Without Border. Between busy workdays and in-office fun activities, such as movie screenings and Oktoberfest, volunteering opportunities like these are great for team morale and stress relief while still contributing to the community. As part of the company’s partnership with TUGG, InsightSquared has committed 1% of its time each year to give back to the community. With more opportunities with TUGG coming this October, and we look forward to more opportunities  to give back to the community.

Also in September, the company lunch returned with the Marketing team taking the lead. The Recognition Dart went to Zane Halstead, Marketing Ops Specialist. He was awarded a night out at the Improv Asylum in Boston. 

Zane Halstead, Marketing Ops Specialist, InsightSquared

The journey that Zane took before he got to InsightSquared is a great one. He attended the University of Minnesota at Minneapolis and studied English Literature before getting into marketing. Zane started his tech career as a Marketing Operations Coordinator at the North Carolina-based Zift Solutions and then spent time at Skyword as their Demand Gen Manager before joining InsightSquared in 2019.   

When talking about Zane, people have only two words: Marketo “wiz.” It’s even more impressive given that his experience before InsightSquared was mostly on the content side, not marketing operations, and he had limited Marketo experience. However, as soon as he joined the company, he took immediate ownership of Marketo and all Marketing Ops functions and has continued to improve his skills ever since. A hardworking person who always asks to do more and goes above and beyond to help others, Zane has become the go-to person for everything Marketo. 

Zane describes working at InsightSquared as extremely empowering. “My time so far at IS2 has been amazing. This is the first place where I feel as if you get paid to learn. They are incredibly helpful in allowing you to learn and develop your skills, and you gain more experience in your role. Everyone is super friendly and collaborative and I can’t imagine myself working in a better environment.”

Zane is recognized by all those who have worked with him for his agreeable manner and his willingness to go out of his way to help others. He is a source of unlimited positive energy, and the only thing that outshines his positivity is his competency.

Outside of the office, Zane can be found hanging out and exploring with his golden retriever, Cal, cheering on all of the Minnesota sports teams, trying to find the best sandwich in Boston, or doing crosswords, as he put it, “like a nerd.”

Want to join Zane on our cool team? Check out our career page! We’re hiring!