Are you short on pipeline for the end of the year? This is a common question as we try to close out the end of the year. If you are looking at your pipeline coverage and don’t feel comfortable with the numbers you see, you will need to search for some extra insurance pipeline to fill the gap to goal. You might be asking yourself, “Where can I find additional pipeline on such short notice?” Well, we have just the place!

Closed lost opportunities can provide qualified pipeline for your reps, especially those opportunities that were closed due to timing and budget. Many organizations have a “use it or lose it” mentality when it comes to budget, and to ensure they can secure the same budget for next year, they will want to use up all that is available. Timing is also a great reason to re-engage with closed lost pipeline. Depending on how much information you got from your prospect, you might be reaching out at the perfect time now! 

Closed lost opportunities are going to be warmer opportunities for the business because you have previously engaged with these accounts and will likely move quicker because they are already familiar with you.  

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