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Ramp is the SaaS analytics podcast that explores the stories of how people use data to transform and rapidly grow their business. Host Cara Hogan interviews thought leaders, sales experts and data analysts to understand how analytics can ramp up your SaaS business.

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Episode 37

Driving Powerful Startup Sales With Mark Birch

Episode 36

Bootstrapping a SaaS Startup with Laura Roeder

Episode 35

Aligning Sales and Customer Success with Jim McDonough

Episode 34

Bob Apollo Makes Complex Sales Simple

Episode 33

Sean Burke of KiteDesk Fights for Sales Development Reps

Episode 32

Sujan Patel Gets Personal with Growth Marketing

Episode 31

Karen Rubin on Building a Product for Data Analysts

Episode 30

Ajay Agarwal on the Upside to the SaaS Downturn

Episode 29

Nailing the SaaS Sale with Steli Efti of Close.io

Episode 28

Train Hard to Score More Sales with Lori Richardson

Episode 27

Aaron Ross on Overcoming Founder’s FOMO

Episode 26

Introducing Ramp with Joe Chernov, VP of Marketing at InsightSquared

Episode 25

From Failure to Success: Scaling Sales with Matt Bellows of Yesware

Episode 24

The Science of Sales Operations with Darlene Grant of Dyn

Episode 23

Jim Keenan on the Shifting Metrics of Success

Episode 22

Matt Heinz’s Data-Backed Methods to Unify Sales and Marketing

Episode 21

Ellen Rubin on the Unsung Hero of SaaS

Episode 20

Benchmarking SaaS Success with Tomasz Tunguz

Episode 19

How Mention Turns Free Users into Paying SaaS Customers

Episode 18

Mark Hunter’s Formula for Forward-Thinking Sales

Episode 17

Mike Grigsby’s Strategy for Combating Analysis Paralysis

Episode 16

Bonus: Sales Experts Give Insider Tips to Dreamforce ’15

Episode 15

Jill Rowley Proves the True ROI of Social Selling

Episode 14

How Craig Elias Wins 75% of His Deals With Trigger Event Selling

Episode 13

Optimize Everything with Conversion Fanatic Justin Christianson

Episode 12

Alberto Savoia Unlocks the Secrets of Market Demand with Pretotyping

Episode 11

Lincoln Murphy Gets Inside the Minds of Your SaaS Customers

Episode 10

Closing the Data Analytics Gap with Tim Wilson

Episode 9

Trish Bertuzzi’s Road Map to Sales Success

Episode 8

Hacking the Sales Process with Max Altschuler

Episode 7

Nathaniel Lin Navigates the Changing World of Business Analytics

Episode 6

Becoming a Funnelholic with Craig Rosenberg of TOPO

Episode 5

Mastering the SaaS Quick Ratio with Mamoon Hamid of Social + Capital

Episode 4

Jason Jordan on Escaping the Sales Data Overload

Episode 3

The Key Metrics for SaaS Success with Jason Lemkin of Storm Ventures

Episode 2

Joining the Agile Sales Revolution with Jill Konrath

Episode 1

How Mark Roberge Scaled HubSpot’s Sales Team from $0 to $100 Million

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