SaaS Benchmarks

We studied over 30 growing SaaS companies to come up with definitive industry benchmarks. Filter by Average Sales Price and/or Annual Bookings to see SaaS benchmarks for companies like yours.

How does your SaaS company compare to others in the industry? Is your Revenue Churn Rate higher or lower? What about your Average Customer Lifetime?

To answer these questions you need industry benchmarks. But the problem with most benchmarks is that they are overly general — they group together companies that have little in common, which makes the benchmarks essentially meaningless. If your company is just gaining traction, what’s the use of comparing your MRR to a company that’s already achieved scale?

When we performed our 2016 Sales Benchmarking Analysis, we wanted to correct this, so we made sure we divided the participants in our study into meaningful chunks around size, age, and target customer.

On this page, you will find 5 of the most important SaaS benchmarks, which you can easily filter to fit your company’s own Average Sales Price (in terms of Total Contract Value) and Annual Bookings Totals..

SaaS Metrics

Revenue Churn
Average % of revenue lost to cancelled subscriptions in a month
Customer Lifetime
Average length of customer subscription (estimated based on monthly churn rate)
Quick Ratio
Average ratio of increase to decrease change in monthly contract value
Total estimated revenue contribution from an average customer over its lifetime
Average monthly revenue

SaaS Benchmarks Sliced by ASP

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SaaS Benchmarks Sliced by Bookings

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InsightSquared’s 2016 Tech Benchmarking Report

The benchmarks on this page come from our ongoing analysis of hundreds of tech companies. We will be releasing more great content just like this over the next few months.

What’s on tap?

  • How does the relative size of sales teams change as companies grow?
  • Benchmarking the SaaS Quick Ratio
  • Anatomy of a growth-stage tech startup
  • Brand new industry benchmarks for LeadGen, Rep Performance, SaaS KPIs and more!

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