The 77 Best SaaS Sales Resources

Things move fast on a high-growth SaaS sales team. You don’t always have time to learn the latest tactics and strategies for driving growth.

With this list of SaaS Sales Resources, the valuable information you need is always at your fingertips. Here’s how to start accelerating your SaaS sales, and do it fast.

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Top SaaS Sales Blogs
These blogs tackle the toughest questions facing SaaS businesses today. Learn from the best, and make your business better.


“Software is Eating the World.” That’s the motto for Andreessen Horowitz, and the story chronicled on this influential Venture Capital blog.

The Bridge Group

SaaS is all about inside sales, and The Bridge Group offers the best thought leadership on the topic, including practical sales tactics and data-driven sales trends.

For Entrepreneurs

David Skok, a five time serial entrepreneur turned VC, offers valuable advice, resources and hard-won wisdom for startup leaders.

Price Intelligently

Pricing is one of the biggest mysteries and toughest strategies for SaaS companies. This blog offers incredibly in-depth and strategic content around SaaS pricing.


Jason Lemkin started with just a few answers on Quora, and now has one of the most influential blogs on SaaS, growth, and investing in the industry.

A Smart Bear

This blog includes content on “Startups, Marketing and Geekery.” Written by Jason Cohen, the founder of WP Engine and SmartBear, he gives an insider view on SaaS.

Chaotic Flow

This SaaS blog offers “streamlined angles on turbulent technologies.” If you need advice on product-market fit and other startup concerns, look no further.

OpenView Labs

OpenView Ventures consistently has great advices for SaaS startup leaders, including thoughtful interviews with partners.


How do you use data to drive growth for your SaaS business? The InsightSquared blog has the answers.

Sixteen Ventures

Customer success expert Lincoln Murphy shares his learnings for SaaS leaders who want to drive down churn and keep customers happy and engaged.

Both Sides of the Table

Mark Suster, a 2x entrepreneur turned VC, shares his best, data-driven observations on this blog, focusing on how SaaS entrepreneurs can build businesses.

First Round Review

This blog is the Harvard Business Review for SaaS startups. Specifically for tech founders, get actionable advice from practitioners.

Predictable Revenue

How do you drive predictable sales growth? Get in-depth analysis and lessons from Aaron Ross’ experiences driving $100 Million in sales for


This blog is geared toward SaaS enthusiasts of all types. Instead of looking at the industry only from the founder or VC perspective, get another angle on SaaS.

Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures writes influential S-1 posts focused on the metrics of companies that IPO, giving startups everywhere useful data benchmarks.

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Forecasted revenues for global SaaS software in 2016.
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SaaS Sales Influencers
Who should you follow for the latest advances in SaaS sales and startup growth? These are the top thought leaders today.

Aaron Ross

CRO, Predictable Revenue Inc.

Author of the best selling book, “Predictable Revenue”, and prolific writer focused on SaaS sales.

Dharmesh Shah

Co-Founder and CTO, HubSpot

Shares his experiences in growing a successful SaaS business.

Ken Krogue

Founder and President,

Prolific writer and expert on inside sales, specifically for B2B companies.

Marc Benioff


The original SaaS sales expert — no list would be complete without him.

Steli Efti


Known for sharing unfiltered and provocative thoughts on SaaS sales and startup growth.

Danielle Morrill

CEO and Co-Founder, Mattermark

Writes and curates some of the best SaaS and VC content for startups.

Hiten Shah

Co-Founder, QuickSprout and Crazy Egg

Two-time SaaS founder with a focus on entrepreneurship and analytics.

Kyle Porter

CEO and Co-Founder, SalesLoft

SaaS Sales entrepreneur and sales expert.

Max Altschuler

 Founder and CEO, SalesHacker

Grew SalesHackers from a local meetup into a worldwide community for SaaS sales reps.

Trish Bertuzzi

President and Chief Strategist, The Bridge Group

Thought leader and consultant for B2B inside sales at technology companies.

David Sacks

COO, Zenefits

Former Co-Founder/CEO of Yammer, and an expert on SaaS unicorns and startup leadership.

Jill Rowley

SaaS and Social Selling Expert

Former Salesforce AE turned social selling evangelist and startup advisor.

Lincoln Murphy

Customer Success Evangelist, Gainsight

Thought leader obsessed with customer success, SaaS metrics, and driving down churn.

Pauline Tordeur

Curator of SaaSClub

Shares the top beta SaaS products and best SaaS content in the popular newsletter.

Building an app might be simple, but building a startup is not.
Lincoln Murphy
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SaaS Venture Capitalists
What do Venture Capitalists look for when they invest in a SaaS startup? Find out straight from the source.

Brad Feld

Managing Director, Foundry Group

Former entrepreneur and active blogger, focused on SaaS investing.

David Cummings

CEO of Atlanta Ventures

Co-Founded and sold Pardot, then become an all-around entrepreneurship expert.

Jason Lemkin

SaaS VC and Founder of SaaStr

Two-time founder, prolific writer, and expert on SaaS startup investing.

Mary Meeker

Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

Invests in high-growth internet companies that have achieved rapid adoption and scale.

Stephanie Newby

Founder of Golden Seeds

Created the early-stage investment firm specifically for women-led startups.

Byron Deeter

Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners

Founded and sold a cloud computing company to IBM, and now focuses on SaaS investing.

David Skok

General Partner, Matrix Partners

Shares deep-dive analysis into startups metrics for entrepreneurs.

Mamoon Hamid

Partner, Social + Capital

Invested in Slack and Intercom, and known for creating the SaaS Quick Ratio.

Scott Maxwell

Founder and Managing Partner, OpenView Partners

Has a deep background in SaaS investing, including companies like ExactTarget and Intronis.

Stephanie Palmeri

Principal, SoftTech VC

Invested in more than 150 SaaS, e-commerce and mobile services startups.

Christoph Janz

Manager Partner, Point Nine Capital

Invested in Zendesk, Algolia, and other SaaS stars, and shares insider tips on his blog.

Fred Wilson

Managing Partner, Union Square Ventures

A long-time SaaS VC, and constant writer about investing and startups.

Marc Andreessen

Co-Founder, Andreessen Horowitz

Invests in startups at every stage – from seed to growth.

Stacey Bishop

Partner, Scale Venture Partners

Specializes in SaaS investments, and helped HubSpot reach its IPO.

Tomasz Tunguz

Partner, Redpoint Ventures

Early-stage VC who writes in-depth, data-focused blog posts on investing and SaaS.

A Minimum Viable Product doesn’t count in SaaS – it has to be a Minimum Sellable Product.
Jason Lemkin
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Must-Know SaaS Metrics
How do you measure a SaaS business? Make sure to calculate these metrics to track growth.

Account Churn

Account churn is the proportion of customers that left you in a given period. This is a barometer of your company’s overall health. Some churn will always occur, but deviations from the normal range can alert you to customer satisfaction problems.

Early Stage LTV

For early-stage SaaS businesses, you may not have churning customers yet, or very few. As a result, it’s unreliable to use mature metrics to track your business health. Instead, try calculating your LTV with a 36 month cap and build your model from there.

MRR/ARR Over Time

MRR is your recurring revenue, normalized into the monthly amount. You can track the trend of how much money you have coming in, and how it’s changing over time. New business and upsells add to this, while churn and downgrades subtract from it.

Revenue Churn

If you’re losing 10% of your revenue every month, many of your new deals are just refilling your leaky bucket. Understanding churn’s dollar impact to your business’s bottom line is crucial to solving the issues that cause customers to leave.

Customer Retention

Retention heatmaps for cohort analysis provide answers to how your retention efforts are trending over time. Recognize which groups of customers are the happiest, and you can identify what you did to drive success.


Lifetime Value (LTV) is the revenue you’ll take in over the relationship with your typical customer. When you know your average monthly recurring revenue per customer and your monthly customer churn rate, you can calculate this.

Renewal Rate

If you operate on annual contracts, your churn rate may be misleading. If only a small number of your customers are up for renewal, consider how many of them are actually renewing their contract rather than your absolute churn rate.

Quick Ratio

This simple metrics measures New MRR + Expansion MRR/ Cancelled MRR + Contraction MRR. If your SaaS company has a Quick Ratio greater than 4, VCs will be knocking at the door to invest.

SaaS companies are growing faster than ever before.
Mamoon Hamid
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SaaS-Focused Podcasts
Prefer to listen instead of read? These podcasts will turn your commute into an education in SaaS.

a16z Podcast


Whether you want to learn about recent SaaS mergers, high-level business trends, or hear interviews with top VCs, this podcast has it all.

The SaaS Revolution Show


Created by SaaScribe, this podcast focuses on in-depth interviews with SaaS founders, entrepreneurs, and more.



Want to learn how to build, launch and grow a SaaS startup? Host Omer Khan interviews entrepreneurs about the tactics they use to reach success.

The Startup Chat


What’s it like to hang out and chat with Steli Efti and Hiten Shah? Just listen to this podcast, and you’ll feel like you’re in the room as they discuss their latest business challenges.



Our own Cara Hogan interviews SaaS thought leaders, sales experts and data experts to help you understand how analytics can drive reliable and sustainable growth.



What strange tactics, weird methods, and creative strategies do startup founders use early on to gain traction? Host Jay Acunzo of NextView Ventures investigates.

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The growth of the SaaS market compared to traditional software.
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SaaS Sales Apps
Want to be more productive? Check out these free SaaS sales apps to drive your business.


Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 11.06.41 AM

An app for easy sales presentations for online and in-person meetings.

LinkedIn for Salesforce

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 2.52.44 PM

See Salesforce records inside LinkedIn, for fast and easy updates.

SalesLoft Cadence


Build a unique process for sales development emails, phone calls, and other activity.



Celebrate new deals the moment they close in Salesforce.


Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 11.41.58 AM

See LinkedIn profiles inside Gmail, to know everything about your sales prospects.


Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 12.21.38 PM

Predictive analytics that recommend sales reps contact prospects at the exact right time.

Datanyze Insider


Find emails and phone numbers fast with more data about every lead.

Sales Funnel

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 11.11.48 AM

Visualize your sales stage conversion rates through the funnel and improve sales performance.



Track your emails, analyze open rates, templatize messaging and more.

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The time it takes SaaS Sales reps to fully ramp.
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SaaS Communities and Newsletters
Connect with the SaaS sales community online through these valuable groups.

Closing Call

Looking for more sales-specific content? Closing Call has you covered with the top upvoted articles for B2B sales leaders and reps.

SaaS Club

This weekly newsletter offers a short and sweet list of the best new SaaS products and the most interesting SaaS content.

SaaS Weekly

SaaS Weekly is a great newsletter curated specifically by Hiten Shah. Find out what he thinks are the best posts in SaaS that week.

SaaS Community

What is the SaaS community talking about? This site tells you. With the top content upvoted, you can quickly find the best articles in SaaS each day.

Mattermark Daily

If you’re in Venture Capital or SaaS, you probably already subscribe. Stay informed with this daily newsletter.


This exclusive, invite-only Slack community is always buzzing with conversation between top SaaS sales leaders. Sign up to connect with other sales professionals.

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