SaaS Sales Benchmarks

InsightSquared studied the operational data of hundreds of fast-growing tech companies to find new benchmarks for SaaS Sales. Here’s what we learned.


One of the hardest parts of running a tech company is putting your sales performance in context. No matter how carefully you set goals or track results, it’s difficult to accurately evaluate your team without knowing how it stacks up against others in your industry.

We’re excited to make that process a little easier by introducing our new Sales Benchmarks. Thanks to our access to hundreds of tech companies’ operational data, we are able to provide concrete, non-survey benchmarks for everything from win rate and sales cycle to churn rate and quota attainment.

And the best part? We made these benchmarks completely interactive and filterable. You can easily compare your company’s performance to others with similar deal sizes and bookings totals.

No more “one size fits none” industry benchmarks!

This page will serve as your gateway to these findings. From here, you can play around with the essential tech benchmarks we uncovered; peruse the key findings that emerged from our analysis; learn about the methodology for our study; or read a wealth of related content and articles.

Interactive Benchmarks


Explore the filterable benchmarks below to see how your company stacks up against others like it.


Sales Performance


Sales Cycle, Win Rate, Annual Bookings, Average Deal Size, and Quota Attainment




Revenue Churn, Customer Lifetime, Quick Ratio, LTV, and MRR




Coverage Ratio, Created Opps per Rep, Sales Cycle, Lost Count per Rep, Won Count per Rep, Win Rate, Average Deal Size

Stories & Surprises

Benchmarks are about more than evaluating your performance — they’re designed to help you see connections and make decisions. Check out some of the surprising stories we learned from analyzing our benchmark data.