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Survey Results: RevOps Teams Reveal Tech Consolidation Plans

12/9 | 1pm E.T.

We conducted a survey about consolidating tech stacks and we’re now revealing the results! Join us to uncover the findings and hear about some best practices to manage your cluttered tech stack.

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Forecasting in the Face of Uncertainty

Head into 2021 with the foundation and tools you need to ensure forecast accuracy for your team. Join us for this webinar to discover predictive insights and best practices that can help you hit your forecast.
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2021 KPIs: The New Revenue Metrics to Optimize Sales Performance 
Look beyond traditional sales metrics and discover the modern KPIs that spotlight the revenue process improvements your team needs to optimize performance and execution.
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Meet the New InsightSquared Revenue Intelligence Platform

With the addition of Conversational Intelligence, InsightSquared is now uniting 6 core revenue solutions in 1. That means its now easier than ever to collaborate cross-functionally, reduce data silos and decrease OPEX on sales tools.

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Removing Friction From Today’s Sales Process
Check out this session with Mediafly on 3 opportunities to accelerate your digital selling transformation in today’s changing landscape.
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3 Keys to a Successful Sales Operations and Executive Partnership
Discover the best practices to enhancing a Sales Operations function to gain Executive trust and support.
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Player-Coach: From Surviving to Thriving in the Toughest Commercial Role
How to strike the perfect balance between managing direct reports and carrying a quota for those in the role of player-coach.
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The Keys to Managing a Newly Remote Staffing Organization
Get the most of your InsightSquared and Bullhorn data and learn about a dashboard that can help your remote team.
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10x Your Sales Pipeline with Data-Driven Coaching Insights
Know what your top reps do differently and learn how to replicate those strategies across your organization.
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Nail Your Sales Forecast: New Release from InsightSquared
Say goodbye to the forecasting visibility gap and finally forecast with confidence using InsightSquared’s new forecasting solution.
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5 Steps to Fuel Your RevOps Revolution
Learn how to recognize silos in your company, what it takes to begin and build your RevOps journey, and how to measure the impact of RevOps.
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2020: The Year of Revenue Intelligence and Alignment
Guest speaker Cinny Little, of Forrester, talks about best practices for leveraging revenue intelligence.
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Trust your data. Trust your forecast.
Get a first look at the features and functionalities that Olono is bringing to InsightSquared.
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The Proven Framework to Maximize RevOps Results
Learn the best practices for establishing common data and KPIs, ideas for assessing your buyer’s entire journey, and tips on executing and optimizing decisions.
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3 Tips to Scale Faster in 2020
As we write the final chapter of 2019, it’s time to draw an outline for 2020. Tune in to reinforce your vision and programs for next year.
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Mapping Your Rev Ops Process 
Learn what questions to ask to create a well-oiled revenue engine and reassess your sales and marketing definitions.
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The Surprising Truths About Effective Rep Coaching
Learn how to move beyond the bottom line and build the capacity in your team for the long term. 
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ABM and Personalization: The Power of the Event Experience
Marketing leaders KC Lincoln and Alon Waks chat on how event marketing can fit into an ABM strategy.
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Review & Reflect: Mid-Year Review 
It’s time to review your first half sales performance and make the appropriate adjustments to ensure a successful finish to 2019.
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Cracking the Code: Your Perfect Pipeline
Dive into how to get more out of your pipeline with this webinar on leveraging actionable, real-time intelligence on your KPIs.
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Marketing Automation and the (Growing) Need to Improve 
Learn more about marketing’s move from vanity-level metrics towards revenue-level insights.
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Master Your Sales Processes in Salesforce Lightning
Step through the features in Salesforce Lightning that can be used to reinforce the sales process.
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Managing Your Customer Success Team With InsightSquared
Understand how your customers interact with your business to build a partnership that lasts.
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Measuring B2B Success with Buying Groups and ABM
Build more accurate reporting by using buying groups instead of individual leads with SiriusDecisions.
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Revenue Operations on Salesforce Lightning
Review the new Salesforce Lightning features and uncover the power and benefits for revenue operations.
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SaaS Sales Planning Benchmarks
OPEXEngine tracks key SaaS sales metrics and benchmarks optimal performance. 
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Using Data to Run Your SDR Team
Learn how to identify which KPIs your Sales Development team should act on to drive results.
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Building Blocks for an Enterprise Sales Engine
Learn how the highest performing sales organizations are managing their business.
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Hire and Build a Top Performing Sales Team
Learn how to hire, onboard and ramp your sales team in a scalable, repeatable way.
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Spring Cleaning: Does Your Pipeline Spark Joy?
You need visibility into the good, the bad, and the ugly in order to understand your pipeline hygiene.