Why Revenue Intelligence? Why Now?

2020. Quite possibly one of the most interesting years of our careers. Everything you thought you knew about managing your revenue operations was stamped with a giant question mark.  In-person demos were canceled indefinitely. You became virtual sellers overnight. And in many cases, the focus of your sales strategy was simply survival.

It’s easy to blame COVID for the “new” sales world. However, the truth is, COVID isn’t fully responsible—it only accelerated the pace of change. And it created an even greater need for what we are so very proud to deliver today.

From Dashboards to an Integrated, 6-in-1 Revenue Intelligence Platform

You’ve known InsightSquared for analytics and dashboards. We’re proud to have worked with more than 10,000 companies over the years to take your CRM reporting to the next level. But you made it very clear—dashboards were no longer enough. 

  • You’ve asked for deeper visibility into your sales teams’ activity. 
  • You wanted to understand not just the what—but also the why and how. 
  • You wanted to see cross-functionally—broad and deep.
  • You wanted perspective into both the high level, and the details that backed it. 
  • And you wanted self-service, the ability to do more on your own—fast.

In short, as you adapt in real-time—you wanted to know—are the process changes you’ve made effective? 

Those questions (and more) are exactly what we are answering with the first all-in-one Revenue Intelligence Platform, featuring Activity Capture, Guided Selling, Interactive Reports, AI Forecasting, Dashboards—and now Conversational Intelligence.  

Robust, Comprehensive Deal Data 

It should come as no surprise—reps love selling. They love working with customers. Solving their challenges. Negotiating. And banging that gong (even when virtual!). It’s the administration and reporting work they dislike. And for way too long, that part has not only been a burden, but also a distraction that has limited productivity.  

Our Activity Capture significantly reduced the data entry tax on reps. Today we are taking it one step further, adding Conversational Intelligence to the Platform. Now you can record, transcribe, and analyze calls and meetings directly in InsightSquared. One place. Without silos.  

Conversational data is some of the richest, most unfiltered data available. It provides a true lens into the health of deals. Incorporating that data into our Machine Learning models will enhance every aspect of your revenue operations—from forecasting predictions to risk alerts, 1:1 coaching to marketing effectiveness. 

Deeper Analytics: Introducing Advanced Sales Math

Now that you have all the data, it’s what you do with it that matters. So in addition to integrating six core revenue functions—we took it one step further and launched Advanced Sales Math—real-time, machine learning calculations that identify key inflection points in your sales cycles. 

Today, most revenue organizations are using traditional math to measure how much funnel needs to convert in order to achieve their goals, but with the dynamically changing customer journey, those metrics are no longer enough. 

So we set out to deliver the answers to the questions you have been asking. 

  • What happens differently when we lose deals?  
  • How much activity does a rep complete before she loses a deal? 
  • With whom was your rep engaged?  
  • How many meetings did they have?

Those answers are powerful on a rep by rep or deal by deal level, but that’s only step one. What if you could aggregate that data across all reps and you could implement more specific measures to improve?  

  • Why does it take so long to get the decision maker to a meeting? 
  • Do you need better field enablement for demos? 
  • Why is one marketing campaign significantly out-performing others in a key segment?  
  • Is your ICP aspirational or actually aligned with where you win?
  • Is there an opportunity to close deals with fewer meetings?

Many of our customers have had the opportunity to dive into their Advanced Sales Math and to be honest, these are some of the most fun engagements we’ve had in a long time! 

A Modern, Scalable Architecture 

Speed. Context. Correlation. Self-Serve. Those are just a few of the features we love in the new InsightSquared Platform—and why it’s so effective. 

At the core is a powerful, modern architecture, backed by a context and correlation engine that is unmatched in the industry. Structured or unstructured data. Custom objects or standard fields. Data from like or unlike sources. It doesn’t matter—we can process and correlate it all—blazingly fast.

Beyond the processing power, we’re proud to bring you a self-service model. Tools shouldn’t require a Support ticket for every change. Drag and drop, customize, adjust hierarchy, filter—all in real-time, in the UI. Our Support team is here, but we doubt you’ll need them. 

From Analytics to Action

We all know agility is key and there’s no time to waste. The companies that adapt quickly are the ones that will have a competitive advantage. Not just in 2020, but for the long term. Month after month. Quarter after quarter. Year after year.

With fewer in-person opportunities to provide reps with 1:1 coaching, front line managers must maximize their time. That’s where you can put our ML into action—identifying exactly where to prioritize and invest. 

First, you get deep visibility into what your reps are doing to progress the opportunities in their pipelines. Then, with our Machine Learning Confidence to Close score, you can guide your reps towards the deals with the highest likelihood of closing, and even close them faster. Finally, by knowing your Advanced Sales Math, you can hone in on the inflection points where key conversions happen. 

Opportunity to Reduce OPEX

Yes, “six in one” means massive functionality, reduced silos, improved collaboration and better data quality. But it also offers a very real opportunity to reduce OPEX, a priority for many CFOs and Ops teams today. We’ve introduced flexible, role-based licensing, which means you pay based on the functionally your user needs, whether activity capture, forecasting submission or the full suite. If reducing tool stack costs is a priority, take us up on the challenge. 

Whew! As we hope you can tell, there’s a lot that went into bringing this Platform to market. Every team member at InsightSquared contributed. We are thrilled our early-adopter customers are already reaping the benefits of our Revenue Intelligence Platform, including Conversational Intelligence and Advanced Sales Math—and couldn’t be more excited to bring it to the broad market today. The deeper level of data and insights CROs have long been waiting for are finally here!

There’s a lot to be proud of today, but truthfully we are just getting started!

View our on-demand webinar for a First Look at the New InsightSquared Revenue Intelligence Platform.

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