Tiles by InsightSquared

Go faster than spreadsheets and deeper than native reporting
with InsightSquared’s ready-to-use sales reports.


Today, revenue operations needs to be more than a reactive reporting factory — especially in fast-growing companies like yours.

You need to be proactive, bringing reliable and strategic insights to your business leaders when they need them. You need more time to optimize your sales process, improve close rates, accurately forecast pipeline and revenue, and guide the go-to-market hiring process. Get those hours back with Tiles, a mosaic of ready-to-use sales reports and persuasive visuals.

How It Works

Tiles connects to Salesforce and begins pulling insights from your historical CRM data right away.

You’ll better manage pipeline, forecast more accurately, and improve rep coaching with data from as far back as your very first lead. It’s already been built in Tiles — no snapshotting or workarounds required.

Packages Available for Tiles

Mix and match Tiles packages to design a tailored reporting solution. Choose from Sales Analytics, Sales Development Analytics, Demand Generation Analytics, and SaaS Reporting packages. Or, get them all for complete revenue intelligence.

Sales Analytics

These reports make it easy to become a data-driven sales organization. They include everything you need to understand all dimensions of your pipeline and forecast with certainty.

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Sales Development Analytics

Get complete visibility into your SDR team’s performance so you can coach each rep to book more meetings and source more (and better) deals.

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Demand Generation Analytics

Align marketing and sales and help them grow revenue together by tracking leads through your entire funnel in one place.

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SaaS Reporting

Easily report on all of the metrics you use to run your business, update investors, and satisfy your board. Even complex KPIs like Quick Ratio and LTV are calculated automatically.

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If I think about the superpower InsightSquared gives me, it’s certainly the x-ray vision. You can go through the surface level data and actually see the details, and that helps you make better decisions.

Todd Olsen, CEO

Fast-growing companies grow even faster with InsightSquared.

Sync Salesforce with InsightSquared’s sales intelligence software to easily pull insights from your historical CRM data.