27 New Years Resolutions for Sales VPs

Don’t worry, we won’t make you hit the gym.

Every Sales VP should make a list of Sales resolutions for 2014 to make them better at their job, and to give their managers and reps the tools to make them better at their jobs. We compiled the Sales resolutions we believe in the most. Check them out, pick out the ones that you want to really focus on, and get ready for your biggest year yet!

1. I resolve to clearly communicate my vision and overarching strategy for 2014. (How?)

2. I resolve to actually measure the success of my sales coaching. (How?)

3. I resolve to develop an Inside Sales team or grow my Inside Sales team. (How?)

4. I resolve to turn my reps into subject-matter experts. (How?)

5. I resolve to make all data transparent. (Why?)

6. I resolve to design sales contests that don’t just award my top performers. (How?)

7. I resolve to set the bar high for quality data entry into the CRM. (How?)

8. I resolve to think more like my buyers. (Tell me more.)

9. I resolve to coach with numbers. (What do you mean?)

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10. I resolve to review pipeline generating efforts in 2013 and figure out what worked, what didn’t, and which source produced the best conversion rate to deals. (How?)

11. I resolve to focus on the sales metrics that matter for the larger company goals. (Which ones?)

12. I resolve to make social selling a part of my reps’ selling strategy. (Isn’t that Marketing’s job?)

13. I resolve to display sales performance metrics for all to see. (How?)

14. I resolve to read 6 to 10 top-rated Sales books this year. (Have any suggestions?)

15. I resolve to encourage my reps to run experiments – constantly. (Why?)

16. I resolve to communicate better with my CEO on Marketing KPIs. (How?)

17. I resolve to find ways to motivate my sales team that ISN’T money. (Like what?)

18. I resolve to set clear, metrics-based goals for my sales reps. (Like what?)

19. I resolve to rewrite my team’s sales script to make it more compelling. (How?)

20. I resolve to find weaknesses in the sales process and fix them. (How?)

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21. I resolve to implement interactive training when onboarding new reps. (How?)

22. I resolve to set realistic expectations for my managers and reps. (How?)

23. I resolve to shorten the sales cycle. (Where do I start?)

24. I resolve to utilize the most valuable sales tools available. (Have any suggestions?)

25. I resolve to never tell a rep to “Always Be Closing” again. (Why not?)

26. I resolve to phase out spreadsheets for sales reports. (How?!)

27. I resolve to leave room for creativity, experiment a lot, and have some fun!

What are your Sales resolutions for 2014? Tweet them using the hashtag #salesresolutions!

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