I just joined InsightSquared as the VP of Marketing and wanted to share my 3 key reasons why I think that InsightSquared is an awesome sales analytics company with a huge opportunity ahead of it.

Reason 1 – The Best People & Culture!

As some of you may already know, the team here is really great and everyone is a superstar in their own right. InsightSquared can be summarized as a gang of analytical rebels who came here to revolutionize the world of revenue analytics. InsightSquared is an innovative and passionate group of like-minded folks who are bright, who work hard and have lots of fun while at it. Everyone I met here is sincere and driven, and we all come to work to be part of something truly special that is much more than just a job.

All decisions here are driven by data and logic; never politics. When you show up for work at 7am, part of the team is usually already in the office. They are here at the crack of dawn to solve big problems and make a dent in our universe. If you visit us after 7pm, you will witness something interesting – the team is still here, socializing instead of going home because everyone enjoys spending time together, working and hanging out. At this point, some are drinking beers from the kegerator (frequently a beer brewed by our CEO), playing ping pong, and competing in a Call of Duty tournament. One day there are emails inviting everyone to go see The Hobbit 3D and another there is an invitation to watch an NFL game on our 70” TVs. It’s the best culture.

To make life at InsightSquared even more convenient, on any given day our fridge is stuffed with fruits, snacks and Chobani yogurts. There is the indispensable espresso machine (that rivals the Clover at Starbucks, in my opinion). And if you want a feeling of holistic healing, you’ll go brew one of the 10 or so exotic green, jasmine or chai teas stocked on our kitchen shelves.

Reason 2 – The Best Product!

I am a data guy. I love numbers. I love deep dives into analytics to help drive business decisions. So when I saw the product, I was blown away. It was love at first sight because what previously took me hours to crunch in Excel with massive pivot tables and VLOOKUPs could now be done in only a few clicks and in a visual format. I would summarize InsightSquared as a product that helps you determine three key things – how to grow revenue, improve sales rep productivity and reduce costs. And its innovation is SIMPLICITY! This product is built from the ground up for sales and marketing and it’s so simple that it is utterly unlike any legacy products on the market that are encumbered by their complexity. I have not seen any other business intelligence or analytics product that can be so useful and yet so simple.

What’s also great is that we eat “our own dog food.” We use our own product to analyze our own revenue performance – Sales Trending, Sales Cycle, Win/Loss Ratio, Opportunity Pipeline Analysis, Stage Tracking, Activity Tracking and other critical KPIs that help us grow revenue.

And one more thing! InsightSquared has the BEST Sales Funnel Analytics in the world! Sounds simple? Well…I’ll leave that for another blog post.

Reason 3 – The Best Market!

InsightSquared develops and sells a product that addresses a huge market. We have a  unique opportunity ahead as we disrupt the revenue analytics space. Our product is built from the ground up for Salesforce.com and specifically for those who are responsible for revenue generation at their companies.  Firstly, I am a huge fan of Salesforce.com as a company and of Mark Benioff as an entrepreneur given what he has accomplished. Salesforce.com grew from a startup in an apartment in 1999 to being a leader in cloud CRM – it has became one of the most well known the fastest growing software companies in under a decade. I feel that Salesforce.com revolutionized computing in a unique way. And if you read Marc Benioff’s “Behind the Cloud” book – I think you will get just as excited as I am about Salesforce.com and its community. And not to mention that Salesforce.com is an investor in InsightSquared. I am excited to work with the Salesforce.com community who will use our product to grow their companies better and faster. Being right at the center of  this great and global community that is growing rapidly is a huge opportunity for us.

Secondly, that we provide a product for sales and marketing managers who are responsible for generating revenue is really exciting.  These are folks who are on the front line helping to grow and build their companies. They are the successful, driven, persistent types, avid goal-seekers and go-getters. They are passionate, they drive results, they work hard. They bring value and show value at their companies.  And they totally get our product because it helps them grow their businesses better than they thought possible. What’s great is that we are on the same wavelength – they understand us because we at InsightSquared use our own product and we can quickly demonstrate how we get revenue results with it. Working with such customers is a unique opportunity for us, and every company has managers and executives in sales and marketing who are responsible for driving revenue. This market is huge and it’s global!

It’s the intersection of these 3 that makes InsightSquared rock!

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