3 Ways to Motivate your Reps and DOMINATE 2014!

Just because you had an awesome 2013 – and was able to demonstrate your success with the right sales metrics – doesn’t mean that 2014 will play out in a similar fashion. You can’t rest on your laurels and just expect your success to carry over. No, what you have to do is motivate your sales reps to keep on kicking ass and taking names.

Fortunately, we have uncovered 3 of the best ways to motivate your quota-carrying sales reps in 2014. Keeping them fresh and motivated is the secret to sustained sales success, so learn how to do so!

1) Provide clarity of task

According to a recent study conducted by the Harvard Business Review, the number one motivator for sales reps is clarity of task.

What does this mean? Quite simply, that if sales reps know what they need to do to succeed – i.e. has clarity on the challenges and solutions to his or her task at hand – then they will be more motivated to do it.

Ensure that each of your sales reps has a crystal-clear idea of what is expected of them. Some reps might be more focused on closing larger accounts, while other reps might be in charge of finding new opportunities in expanding markets. Whatever their specific task – and it should not be just “to sell” – be clear in your demands of them. Furthermore, a big part of clarity of task – reps knowing what they need to do to succeed – is supported by our second tip: sales coaching.

2) Support reps with data-driven sales coaching

A huge part of motivation is combating complacency, which can easily set in. A consistent sales coaching program can help ward off this complacency – after all, how can a rep think they’re the greatest thing since sliced bread if the numbers bear out that they have areas of weaknesses where they could improve?

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Sales coaching without the numbers is subjective, where perceived weaknesses can be argued and met with defensiveness by reps. However, data-driven sales coaching is more fool-proof: if the numbers note that Josh’s conversion rates between sales funnel stages is lower than the company’s average, what can Josh say?

Another subtly effective aspect of using data-driven sales coaching to motivate is to implement a sales leaderboard. Reps can see where the rank among their peers in terms of bookings performance in this time period. If they are falling short of the number one spot, reps – a naturally competitive species – will be self-motivated to step their game up.

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3) Focus primarily on the “middle class” of sales reps

According to Salesforce.com, the middle 60% of your sales reps – weeding out top and bottom performers – will account for the vast majority of your total revenue booked. Also, logically speaking, this middle class of sales reps will be most impacted by your sales coaching – the best performers need the least help, while your underperformers might require too much help and be beyond saving.

Sales Skill ROI Time
Low Low 10%
Medium High 65%
High Medium 25%

Therefore, it would make the most sense to identify this segment of your sales team and focus most of your motivation and sales coaching efforts on them. Look at individual bookings numbers – as well as win rates and sales activity efficiency metrics – to find this middle class.

Bonus tip: Celebrate, good times…Come on!

Among sales coaching and financial compensation, there is one thing that still works well in terms of motivating: patting sales reps on the back! Don’t forget to let your sales team know how important they are to the whole operation, making them feel valued and wanted. Even something as small as buying each of them their favorite expensive beer after a successful month can go a long way toward keeping them fresh and motivated.

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