We’re not sure if you’ve noticed, but we LOVE sales analytics. In fact, we’re such big fans that we’re here to officially announce, on record, that we firmly believe that sales analytics is better than…


Think we sound crazy? Have we gone too far in our unabashed enthusiasm for sales analytics? Well, read on to check out these 5 reasons why we think sales analytics is better than sex. By the end, we’re sure you’ll agree with us that sure, sex is great, but sales analytics can really change your life.

1. Sales analytics is better when shared with your whole team

Sales analytics is fun on its own, but when you share it with your whole team or office? Then its potential – and potential for fun –  becomes limitless! We believe in democratized sales analytics, fully accessible data that is transparent to all levels of your organization. This means that everyone, from your CEO down to your most junior sales rep, can and should participate. So don’t be selfish; share those analytics, and the actionable insights you derive from them, with your whole team and you will all blossom together.

2. Sales analytics is best done at work (but can also be taken home!)

You can’t bring sex into the office, but you can certainly bring sales analytics from the office into your home. Want to know if that huge deal from that client out on the West Coast came in after-hours? Simply log-in, pull up the right sales reports and you’ll be able to find out instantly! Did you think of something you want to work on in that sales coaching session with a struggling rep tomorrow? Email the rep’s sales funnel metrics to them and yourself for a reminder on what to work on first thing in the morning.

3. Sales analytics can make you a lot more money

Sure, sex can potentially make you a lot of money too…but let’s not go there! Looking for a safe way to grow sales and actually make a lot more money? Sales analytics is just right for you.

Take us, for example. We grew our sales by 20x over the past year, due in no small part to us living in our sales analytics product and our sales reports. With the help of the actionable insights highlighted to us through our sales analytics, we were able to generate leads more efficiently, grow our pipeline exponentially and coach by the numbers. And it’s not just us; with the help of sales analytics, you could grow your sales 20x or more too!

4. Sales analytics looks just as good with the lights on or off

Put away that self-consciousness – sales analytics looks just as good with the lights on, as it does with the lights off. Be forewarned, however; your company’s specific sales results might not look as good once the hot spotlight of sales analytics has been shined on them…

But that’s a good thing! You don’t want to hide in the darkness forever; that would only sabotage your company’s growth potential. Embrace the light, and sales analytics, and work to fix and tighten up the parts of your company that don’t look as good in the light.

5. Nobody thinks they’re good at sales analytics – but we can all get better together!

This includes us – of course there are always new reports we could produce, new ways of looking at the data, new lines of analytical thinking to take that could really unlock our sales growth potential at InsightSquared. With regular practice and collaboration with the rest of your team – not to mention regularly sharpening your mind with great literature from thought leaders and by reading sales blogs (like our’s!) – you too can become a sales analytics heartthrob.

Still don’t believe us that sales analytics is unequivocally better than sex? Take the plunge and see for yourself!


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